Genetic Test For Celiac Disease

the genetic test for celiac disease might be necessary to find out whether there is a chance to get the celiac disease. Many people think that they need to take the genetic test right away to find out whether they have this health condition or not.

Nevertheless, diagnosis cannot be done that simply. There are some tests which can be considered by the medical professionals for diagnosing the celiac disease correctly.

Family Medical History Test

The very first test which must be taken for making the celiac disease diagnosis is the test for family medical history. This test will help the doctors to determine whether there is a family member who has this health condition.

If people think that this test will be purely about the celiac disease only, they can be wrong because there are some other health conditions which will be tested such as type 1 diabetes, thyroid problems, or liver ailments.

The test for syndromes such as Down, Williams or Turner syndrome can also be performed.

Gluten Intolerance or Celiac Disease Test

Before the genetic test for celiac disease can be performed, the doctor can also recommend taking the test for celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

The diagnosis can be done accurately and directly by making the patients taking the gluten-filled diet which must be followed for eight weeks.

There are also some other tests which might be performed including the blood test.

The blood test which might be done is the serology test. This is the test for looking for the antibodies elevation in the blood.

The doctor can also recommend taking the genetic test such as the HLA test for checking the human leukocyte antigens. This test is considered important because it will be very helpful to determine whether there is or there is no chance to have the celiac disease in the patients.


People have to keep in their mind that the doctor has to be ensured with the test first before making the diagnosis. For making celiac disease diagnosis, the doctor can also perform an endoscopy test.

Some people are worried about this kind of test but it is essential for checking whether there is any damage which can be found in the small intestine.

One thing for sure, people who have celiac disease have to deal with the damaged intestine moreover if this health condition is in the body for several years in the body undetected.


Last but not least, the doctor can also perform the biopsy test. This test is performed by taking the sample tissue from the lining in the small intestine in a small amount. It will be sent to be checked in the laboratory.

For performing this procedure, there will be a tube involved. The tube will be inserted through the mouth so it can go towards the esophagus to reach down the intestinal tract.

Those are the tests which might be taken before the physician can make a positive or negative diagnosis of the celiac disease. Well, it is not about the genetic test for celiac disease only.

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