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Some people really need to purchase the whole wheat gluten free bread and make sure that they are really gluten-free in the first place. Bread may seem like something simple. However, some people may also react poorly after eating or consuming a certain ingredient. Even though gluten-free bread is well-known for its flavorless, crumbly, or cardboard-stiff, they are healthy and could light up those who live with certain conditions.

In this article, we are going to show you some brands of whole wheat gluten free bread you may find on the market. Everyone should be able to enjoy toast for sure. And it also means that even if you have a certain condition like celiac disease or other intolerants, you should be able to enjoy toast like other people.

#1 Schar: Hearty Grain

Schar is basically not a popular brand if you are not a gluten-free bread junkie. Some people may also have no expectation at all towards this brand even we did have no expectation before tasting the bread. In fact, this brand looks and feels like regular whole bread. The first bite will bring you to some stiffness just like another regular piece of whole bread for sure. Still, it tastes thick, loving, and filling. We gave 10/10 for this one.

#2 Trader Joe’s: Gluten-Free Whole-Grain Bread

This Brand has been around for a while and never let down their customers even for once. They offer some awesome products and one of them is gluten-free bread. It tastes perfect even though the shape seems smaller than other brands. The bread tastes so airy, soft, and light just like the traditional white bread you have ever tasted. We gave it 9.2/10 for this one.

#3 Glutino: Multigrain Bread

When it comes to gluten-free snacks, we cannot exclude Glutino from the list. They have some interesting yet tasty pretzels and bread with a gluten-free feature. The bread never disappointed everyone who has tasted them. You can feel the fluffiness, flaky, and airy on each slice of them. The texture is pretty soft and the taste is nice. Some people did not even believe if this thing is gluten-free. We gave 8.5/10 for this brand.

#4 Canyon Bakehouse: 7-Grain Gluten-Free Bread

Talking about some gluten-free bread, Canyon Bakehouse has been around for years now. They have several types of gluten-free bread you can purchase and their 7-grain bread is just awesome. The texture is spongy, fluffy, and very soft. You may also get some seeds sprinkled on top of the slice, which will give you the feel of a real whole-grain product. It tastes a bit sweet due agave. We scored it 8/10 for this bread.

#5 Rudi’s: Multigrain Sandwich Bread

This brand is the cousin of Udi’s. The slice is a bit denser compared to Udi’s and it does not crumble that much. Still, it seems small and thin just like its cousin. There is such a buttery aftertaste, unlike other regular bread. Still, you need to consider this brand on your list if you like to make some nice toast with whole wheat gluten free bread.

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