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People who cannot digest gluten need to find the best whole foods gluten free flour ideas to satisfy their body’s need for carbs without exposing themselves to gluten and its bad effects. People with a normal digestive system never have a problem with gluten.

They can eat wheat and other glutenous foods without worrying about gluten’s bad effects. Conversely, people with gluten intolerance, celiac disease, or fructose malabsorption have to avoid gluten as much as possible because gluten will wreak havoc to their digestive system.

The following 3 whole foods are made from gluten-free flour that will tickle your palate without causing gluten-related sufferings.

Almond Flour Pancakes

Almond flour is one of the most favored alternatives for wheat flour. If you want to prepare whole foods gluten free flour from this flour, pancakes would be the best choice.

These pancakes are great for people who cannot accept gluten and people who perform keto or low-carb diet, especially because almond flour is low in carb but rich in fibers and healthy fats.

These pancakes are also easy to make because the recipe consists only of almond flour and eggs, which are good for low-carb dieters who need to multiply their protein intake.

Maple syrup is an optional ingredient that can be skipped to reduce sugar content or added to improve the taste. Delicious gluten-free food that is good for diet is definitely something that healthy dieters cannot resist.

Sorghum Bread

Bread is a no-no for people with a gluten problem, but this sorghum bread is a completely harmless alternative that they can safely eat if they are looking for the best whole foods gluten free flour ideas.

Sorghum is rich in protein, but unlike the wheat’s protein, sorghum’s protein doesn’t form gluten.

To make tasty sorghum bread, all that you need to do is mixing sorghum flour with other gluten-free bread baking ingredients, including xanthan gum, cornstarch, and tapioca starch to create a dough. Add yeast, sugar, eggs, and seeds to allow the bread to form.

This tasty bread is definitely the best alternative for wheat-based bread.

Teff Crepe

Teff crepes are great as a snack and great for brunch. In fact, a crepe is one of few flour-based foods that are more delicious to be made using gluten-free flours, such as teff flour which is used in this recipe, than using wheat. The nutty flavor and soft texture of this flour make the crepe taste and feel amazing in the mouth. For people who yearn delicious whole foods gluten free flour, teff crepe is definitely a good choice.

To make this delicious crepe, you need to make the batter first. You can do this by mixing teff flour with eggs, salt, milk, and melted butter. Use a blender to create an even mixture.

Leave the batter overnight and make sure that it is properly covered to prevent contamination. In the morning, you can add water to the batter to thin it.

The thin batter is great for thinner crepes and vice versa. You can then use a crepe pan to cook the crepe.

Once done, you can fill the crepe with any fillings you like, such as apple, honey, and blue cheese, to prepare the best whole foods gluten free flour.

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