Whole Foods Gluten Free Dairy Free Desserts

Talking about whole foods gluten free dairy free desserts is a very good topic. Ok, do you like dessert but you have an allergy in gluten and dairy? Don’t worry! You can find gluten-free dairy-free desserts in Whole Foods Market. Then, what is the example of the desserts? Ok, before you know the dessert, it is good if you know how well the Whole Foods processes its product. Check it out!

How Whole Foods Market processes the food

Do you know about Whole Foods Market? Yeah, it is the largest supermarket chain in America in which it specializes in organic and also natural foods. Whole Foods Market is really careful when selling organic and natural foods. The foods have to meet the standards which have been set well by the Food & Drug Administration in the U.S. But, for natural foods, there is no official definition.

Due to this absence, the Whole Foods Market organizes itself the forbidden substance list, such as corn syrup with high fructose, hydrogenated fat, artificial flavorings, colorings, preservatives, sweeteners, and the others. This great company also has published good standards for the care of humans and also the animal slaughter used for making meat and other kinds of products.

The gluten-free dairy-free desserts of whole foods

Below are two examples of the most delicious dessert with no dairy and also gluten at whole foods.

Better bites cupcakes

If you try it once, surely, you will make it as one of your most favorite whole foods gluten free dairy free desserts. Why? It is because this cupcake does not have some top allergens including gluten, dairy, fish, egg, soy, shellfish, and peanut. Maybe, you never think that it has a delicious taste. But, surely, it is perfectly palatable. And, it eases you to control your portion with its small size.

Well, are you curious about the ingredients of this cupcake? Ok, the ingredients are water, organic sugar (light brown), organic sugar of cane, flour mix (tapioca flour, flour of white rice, guar gum, potato starch, and salt), oil of canola, natural flavor of vanilla, cocoa, replacer of the egg (tapioca flour, potato starch, leavening {calcium carbonate, calcium lactate, tartar cream}, modified cellulose, and cellulose gum), baking powder (potato starch, phosphate of monocalcium, bicarbonate of potassium), baking soda, salt, espresso, chocolate (juice of evaporated cane, liquor of natural chocolate, cocoa butter non-dairy), PGPR (emulsifier non-GMO), cream of organic coconut (milk of coconut {water, coconut}, gum of guar, a paste of vanilla bean {water, sugar, pure extract of vanilla bean, vanilla bean}, and also organic powdered. Then, how do you think of those ingredients? Really, it is good for you.

Heavenly Creme Cakes

This one is also good as your dessert. When you see it, you may think that it is like Twinkies. Do you want to avoid gluten and dairy? So calm, please! This cake is free of dairy, gluten, soy, and nuts. Then, the facility producing it has certified that it is free of all those ingredients.

When you eat it, you may find the filling cream is a little sweeter. But, really, overall is very good. Some chocolate versions are also available. Before you eat it, you should thaw it because it is frozen. You only need two hours and not more. To shorten the time, you may use a microwave and you just need ten seconds to thaw the cake.

For the ingredients, everything is good. They are sugar, eggs, flour of gluten-free (flour of brown rice, flour or white rice, flour of potato, potato starch, corn starch, tapioca starch), oil of palm, oil of canola, water, extract of pure vanilla, baking powder (bicarbonate of sodium, pyrophosphate of sodium acid, phosphate of monocalcium, corn starch), gum of xanthan, and salt.

Well, actually, there are many examples of whole foods gluten free dairy free desserts. Then, at Whole Foods Market, you can also find vegan items with dairy-free. Everything is easy to find here. Really, you can add this market of Whole Foods in your rotation of store grocery. So, what are the whole foods gluten free dairy free desserts of yours?

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