Which Are Gluten Free Foods

Many people with coeliac have questioned a whole lot of things in their life, and questions such as ‘which are gluten free foods?’ and many other questions are often asked.

If you are one of the folks who asked that question, then you should continue down this article because that is what we are going to talk about.

Gluten-free food number one: FRUITS

Gluten is a sort of substance that can trigger a person’s coeliac disease, so it is only natural for someone with the disease (or even someone who does not have the disease) to avoid it.

You can find lots of gluten in things that have touched wheat or any other ingredients that contain wheat whatsoever.

Do you know what is the most obvious thing that does not have any wheat in it?

Fruits, dear fellows. Fruits are naturally gluten free unless they come in contact with wheat before you consume them. All fruits are gluten free, so if you are still suspicious about whether fruits contain gluten or not, then you should not feel that way anymore.

Fruits, thanks to their taste, can also be the answer to your ‘which are gluten free foods that are tasty?’ question, too.

The second gluten-free food is MEAT

As you might have noticed, meat is not exactly filled with wheat whatsoever, so it is naturally a gluten free option for those asking about it. Fresh cuts, whether it is in the form of beef, mutton, or chicken, are gluten free, meaning you can include them in your diet.

There are, however, meats that are not gluten-free at all. Before you go buy a slice of meat, you better check for any labels that indicate the ‘status’ of that meat. It is highly common for a vendor to sell poultries, beef, and lamb that are not gluten-free, so you better be vigilant.

Some processed meats also got starch, too, and you should look at where the starch is coming from. Perfect answer for people who often ask ‘which are gluten-free foods that are not vegetables?’ (which is pretty tiring to hear, honestly)

At the end of this list, you got a whole lot of dairies except for select few

Dairy products are mostly gluten-free. Foods like milk, eggs, yogurt, cheese, and other dairy products are generally fine to eat if you got a coeliac disease or if you are afraid of risking one. Eggs are the safest options out of the products listed in this section here.

Milk and yogurt are not something that you can indulge in carelessly, though. While it is usually okay for coeliac-laden people to consume natural milk and yogurt, consuming other than the natural ones are not safe at all.

Flavorings and colorings will often fill gluten free foods with gluten, making them highly dangerous to consume. Malted milk is NEVER okay because they contain malt, which in turn comes from barley, which in turn again is filled with gluten.

The three food classes mentioned above are generally the safest food classes when you are talking about gluten-free foods. That does not mean you should be careless when you are surrounded by those foods, though.

You need to keep a constant vigilance when you are eating if you or your family members got a coeliac disease. That is all about today’s article, and we hope this can answer your ‘which are gluten free foods?’ question, folks.

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