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Have you ever heard about gluten? Gluten is actually protein that is contained in wheat, triticale, barley, cereals, and flours. Besides gluten, those food ingredients also contain calcium, Vitamin B, Zinc, iron, and magnesium which are beneficial for the health of the body. However, people who are suffered from auto-immune diseases such as celiac disease where they have high sensitivity to gluten, should avoid foods that contain gluten. So, where to buy gluten free food? Here are the places.

1). Amazon

  • In this digital era, you cannot miss online shop platforms to find and purchase anything you need, including gluten-free foods. Amazon has sold a bunch of packaged foods in recent years. And they surprisingly have good options for gluten-free foods. However, gluten-free foods in Amazon are not grouped in one place. So, if you are looking for certain gluten-free foods, search in details. For example, gluten-free peanut butter. You have to know that the foods appear in the list are not all considered gluten-free. So that you still need to do deep research about the gluten-free food products or brands. Check website store

2. Everybody Eats

  • The next place of where to buy gluten free food is Everybody Eats. Everybody Eats is a restaurant based in New York City. Their specialization is gluten-free cuisine. They deliver in 5 regions and also ship nationwide via Federal Express. So that for you who live far away from New York City, you are still able to enjoy their gluten-free cuisine. They offer entrees, bread, pasta, desserts, and sweets which are all free from gluten. Some of their products are listed on their official website. Check their website to find out what Everybody Eats restaurant offers. Visit store site

3. Wegmans

  • Wegmans creates an online list that contains some selections of gluten-free foods. But you will be able to find a lot more options in their store. You will find a whole aisle filled with gluten-free packaged foods, gluten-free baked foods, and also frozen items displayed in their section. Wegmans even has gluten-free sushi, gluten-free soy sauce, and even gluten-free dipping sauce. So, are you interested to find your gluten-free foods in this place? Check here

4. Gluten Free Foods Ltd

  • Gluten Free Foods Ltd. has more than 70 gluten-free products and wheat-free products. It has 2 main brands; Barkat which includes gluten-free bread, pizza crusts, pot meals, bread mix, organic porridge flakes, and ice-cream cones, and Glutano which includes gluten-free biscuits, wafers, crispbreads, pasta, flour mix, cornflakes, and muesli. You are able to buy their products on their official website. Moreover, the gluten-free products of Gluten Free Foods Ltd. are also sold in the United Kingdom through pharmacies, health food stores, and supermarkets. The company also exports to 30 countries around the world.

5. Sainsbury’s

  • Sainsbury’s has a long story for those who follow the gluten-free diet. The supermarket chain keeps a list of gluten-free items on its website. In addition to its list of gluten-free products, Sainsbury’s also publishes gluten-free recipes. Check them here

Those are the places where to buy gluten free food products.

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