Where Can I Buy a Gluten Free Cake

Where can I buy a gluten free cake? This can be a question which people will make when they want to enjoy the sweet, especially on a special occasion while they do not want to eat the gluten. The gluten-free diet will be pretty challenging because the ingredients which contain gluten are used often in various kinds of food. Recently, the awareness of reducing gluten intake is getting higher and higher. People can find the bakeries which are specialized in the products made from gluten-free ingredients. There are some great places to buy a gluten-free cake in Minneapolis.

Sift Gluten Free

Sift Gluten Free bakery has been established with the dedication for providing people with the sweets and desserts which are free from gluten. It will be hard for avoiding buying every single thing in this place because there are various options for bakery products sold. This business was started from the farmer’s markets selling but now people can enjoy the products right from the store. This is a paradise for people who have dietary restrictions because they can find all types of baked goods in the gluten-free version. They can find the label on every product so people can really know the foods they will eat. It is recommended to try the eggnog cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, and chocolate donut from this place.

French Meadow Bakery

where can I buy a gluten free cake? French Meadow Bakery has a pretty good name in Minneapolis because the products are made with high-quality organic ingredients. In fact, this place is the first bread bakery in the USA with organic certification. People with special dietary needs will find huge menu options for fulfilling their need and their sweet tooth at the same time. Because of its popularity, this bakery has a restaurant at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport and a stand at the Minnesota State Fair. The triple chocolate mousse cake should be tried at this bakery.

Dulceria Bakery

People will not surprise with the fact that Dulceria Bakery is a Mexican bakery. The most interesting thing from this bakery is that it pays great attention to the community building without forgetting the inclusivity. This might be the reason why people can find sweet products with vegan and gluten-free versions at this place. This is the place where people can enjoy their favorite treats with Mexican style although they have the dietary restriction. The recommended menu at this place is Ancho Chile brownie.

Nadia Cakes

Everyone has the opportunity for enjoying the great taste of the cupcakes made by Nadia Cakes. Even people who have dietary restrictions can find great treats at this place. This place has the Gluten Aware cupcakes which come with the unique and crazy creation such as the Unicorn Poop which sounds gross but looks and tastes delicious. People surely can have fun with the products offered by Nadia Cakes. This bakery becomes the winner of the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars so people can make sure that they can get great baked stuff. Peanut Butter Cupcake is a must-try product in this place which can be the answer to where can I buy a gluten-free cake question.

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