What Is Gluten Free Diet Consist Of

What Is Gluten Free Diet Consist Of? What doesn’t gluten free diet consist of? That might be the right question you want to ask. Gluten free diet basically consists of everything that you can eat, except gluten.

The bad news is that gluten is found in almost every food you eat every day. Gluten is protein found in wheat and wheat is the main ingredient of bread, pasta, cereals, and other foods you eat every morning, day, and evening.

Gluten is even found in beer, which is made from barley, a kind of grain. Because of the pervasiveness of gluten, asking the first question seems to be more reasonable because you are wondering about the few mainstream foods that don’t have gluten in them.

Which Foods Have Gluten In Them?

Before we start cherry-picking foods that will save you from gluten, it is important that we understand foods that have gluten in them so that you can avoid them. As said above, gluten is virtually in everything, so here we short-list for you some mainstream foods with gluten in them.

1. Grains

Everything that comes from grains has gluten in them. This means virtually all foods, including bread, pasta, cereals, seitan (fake meat), tortillas, burgers, and noodles. Even rice and oat, which are free of gluten, may have some traces of gluten in them, especially if they are contaminated. What does gluten free diet consist of? Gluten free diet certainly doesn’t consist of gluten-laden grains in it.

2. Soups

Gluten is found in most soups, from cream-based soups to chicken noodle. Almost every type of soup has a varying degree of gluten in it.

3. Malt Beverages

Malt is derived from barley, which is grain. All malt-based edibles, including vinegar, beer, and malt whiskey, have gluten in them. You should thus limit your bar visit if you want to stay away from gluten.

4. Sauces

How can your delicious tomato sauce have gluten in it? Although the base ingredient of most sauces doesn’t contain gluten, flour is often used as a thickener in soups just like it is in sauces. Flour has gluten in it, so the majority of sauces sold on groceries may have gluten in them. Even soy sauce, which you often use in gluten free-haven Japanese restaurants, may have gluten in it because fermented wheat may be used to make it.

5. Processed Foods

Processed foods that consist of gluten free ingredients may have gluten in them because gluten-laden ingredient might be added during the processing.

What Does Gluten Free Diet Consist of?

With virtually all foods containing gluten, you then ask, what does gluten free diet consist of actually? Well, while everything can be gluten-laden, everything can actually be also gluten free. In addition to vegetables and fruits, almost all foods that you see above actually have gluten free variants.

If you love grains, rice and oat, which are originally gluten free, can become healthier alternatives, provided that you can ensure their gluten free state. There are also gluten free bread made from buckwheat and other gluten free ingredients, gluten free sauces, and even gluten free tortillas.

Thanks to the basic economic law of supply and demand, whenever there is a huge demand for gluten free food, there are always gluten free food products available for you.

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