5 Natural Top Gluten Free Foods for Daily Consumption

For the celiac sufferers and gluten intolerance, you need to prevent gluten-containing foods. Gluten is a kind of protein in flour or a kind of wheat. Gluten is able to make celiac sufferers and gluten intolerance getting ill. The body immune system will regard that gluten is a treat and attack it so that it causes inflammation. It is finally disturbing your body digestion system to absorb body nutrition. These are some top gluten free foods for daily consumption.

1). Potato

The people tend to consume instant gluten-free foods than selecting a healthy essence of potato. Meanwhile, potato contains the same number of potassium as bananas. The bananas also contain healthy essence to digest slowly and healthy for intensive health. You can eat this food ingredient to maintain your health. You can make some kinds of meals with this ingredient or just boil them.

2). Corn

If you dislike a potato, you can take another alternative choice. You may take corn. It can be one of the top gluten free foods. There are many kinds of gluten-free foods using low fiber and protein flour in which the corn contains low fibers and protein. You can change some kinds of flour part in meals with corn. You can consume it to change the function of protein and carbohydrate in an ear of corn.

3). Pistachio Nut

What is another type of gluten-free food? You can eat a healthy and friendly snack like a nut. However, you shouldn’t take a careless nut. Try to take a choice of pistachio nut. This nut is not free of gluten but it is also low fat and low calorie. This is healthy for your body and digestive system. Pistachio also contains a good source of protein and fiber so that it is making you feel always full. You don’t want to eat anymore. You can eat it as a healthy snack for keeping your health.

4. Cheddar Cheese

What else is another food ingredient to consume? You can take cheddar cheese. It is able to be a topping or complete food ingredient for meals. Cheddar cheese is naturally free of gluten and low carbohydrate content so that it is good for the people who want to consume low carbohydrate content and high protein and calcium foods. You can try to add cheddar cheese for your meals as a topping if you suffer celiac disease.

5). Cauliflower

The last recommendation of top gluten free foods is cauliflower. It is still root in a cabbage family. This belongs to vegetable. This food also has a function to be the substitute for low carbohydrate seeds than a potato. The cauliflower is great to reduce weight. It is also rich in vitamin C, B, calcium, and magnesium. You can eat it by boiling it or adding it to a kind of soup. It tastes delicious when you can cook it properly.

Those are some recommended foods free of gluten that you can consume daily. Every food ingredient above is tasty and healthy for your body.

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