Sugar Free Gluten Free Cake Mix

Sugar free gluten free cake mix might be considered as an alternative choice when people want to enjoy the cake but they cannot take the gluten or sugar. People who have celiac disease surely cannot take anything which contains gluten because it will damage their small intestines.

Some people who have diabetes surely have a great awareness of the number of calories that they take and a slice of cake can be their biggest nightmare. It sounds almost impossible to make a cake without gluten and sugar but it is possible with Sukrin cake mix.

No Sugar No Flour

It must be very challenging to bake a cake without flour and sugar. It almost feels like they will not be able to get the taste of their favorite cake if there is no gluten and sugar in their cake.

However, people only need to use Sukrin which can be the secret ingredients for making the delicious cake without sugar and gluten. It means that the cake can be enjoyed by anyone without having to feel guilty at all.

As the replacement of the wheat flour, the cake mix has almond flour as well as FiberFin. The sugar, of course, is replaced with Sukrin. As the result, people can enjoy the cake which has delicious take without the unwanted ingredients within.


Per 100 grams of finished cake made with this sugar free gluten free cake mix, there will only be 10.2 carbohydrates while other similar cake mixes come with 51 carbohydrates. Of course, the cake will also be zero sugar while others still have about 32.60 sugars. Nevertheless, there will be more amounts of fat and protein in the cake result compared to other similar cake mixes.

Baking Instructions

There is no need to worry that baking this cake mix will be complicated.

The great thing about baking a cake using the cake mix is that people can do it simply. They only need to preheat the oven until 175 degrees Celsius.

Four eggs with large size must be mixed together with 200ml of water, and 100ml of oil in a bowl.

The cake mix can be added and the batter must be mixed until smooth consistency.

They can just use the batter as it is or they can add their favorite flavoring into the batter.

The batter can be poured into the cake tin which has been greased and lined. They can use the regular cake tin or the cupcake pan.

The large cake should be baked for about 30 minutes while the cupcakes should be baked for about 20 minutes.


According to the review, people can really enjoy the finished cake made from this cake mix. It still tastes great although there is no sugar and wheat flour used in the cake.

However, the texture of the finished cake is not that fluffy and spongy like the one with sugar and flour.

Still, people can find a great alternative choice of cake mix from Sukrin sugar free gluten free cake mix.

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