Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza Crust

Have you ever seen a Red Mill gluten free pizza crust mix on sale and you wonder if you should buy it or not? If so, then perhaps you want to look at our review here. If you ever wonder what makes us write a review for trivial things such as a pizza crust, then let us just say that we want the world to know what they can expect from a pizza crust that we are reviewing today.

It might be a small thing, but we always make the small things count, hence the reason for this article’s creation.

Digression aside, let us just jump into the review, shall we?

What can you expect from your purchase?

First, you can expect four pizza crusts with each purchase. Second, you can expect those crusts to (obviously) be gluten free. Manufactured in a dedicated gluten free facility, you do not have to be afraid of this pizza making contact with gluten-contaminated objects.

It is even tested R5-ELISA gluten free, which means it has a certification that can prove its lack of gluten property. It weighs precisely at four pounds, so there is no way you cannot carry this thing with one hand.

Physical properties aside, let us talk about what makes this pizza crust mix good

To begin with, let us say that this crust is sitting at the perfect balance of being dry and being too wet. Too many times we have seen pizza crusts that are too dry, which means you have to add a lot of liquid on it, and pizza crusts that are too wet, meaning one fine move from you will break the dough.

This makes this crust very easy to work with. All you have to do is to add oil, water, and eggs at the right amount and voila! You will have a dough that is ready to be worked on.

The dough that has already been prepared can also be used for a lot of things aside from pizza. Do you want to fill the dough with other ingredients and turn it into a calzone? You can do that easily with this dough.

Do you want to make something else sweeter, like perhaps a cinnamon roll? Then you can switch things up and make a cinnamon roll from this one. It is highly adaptable, making it one of the best crust mixes available if you are trying to make something else aside from a pizza.

Is there anything that makes this dough bad?

There are times when people say that this dough tastes as bad as dog’s treats (we do not want to know how those folks know what dog’s treats taste like), so there is that.

There are also times when people say that the dough that comes out of this feels too gooey to work with, but it was probably because they failed to follow the instruction to the end. You really need to be precise with Red Mill gluten free pizza crust if you want it to succeed, so you can somewhat say that the product forces you to follow the order meticulously as a con (even though it is not).

Let us know if you liked the post. That’s the only way we can improve.

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