Recipe for Gluten Free Bread Flour ⋆ How to Make Bread Flour Blends?

Talking about the recipe for gluten free bread flour, there is a secret you can follow. Generally, making a gluten-free bread mix can be done by mixing three ingredients.

All you need is modified tapioca starch, all-purpose GF flour, and whey protein isolate. Below, we have the things you need to prepare to make GF bread flour at home. Some ingredients cannot be replaced so make sure to gather them right.

Modified tapioca starch

Modified tapioca starch is an important aspect of this recipe to make gluten free bread at home. We recommend using Expandex to create a chewy yet stretchy texture to the bread.

Keep in mind that the tapioca starch has been modified – you cannot use the regular starch. If you want something stronger, you can check out Ultratex 3.

All-purpose gluten free flour

You will need to include all-purpose GF flour to the recipe. The mix can make fine rice flour and will combine nicely with other ingredients.

If you want to make a recipe for gluten free bread flour for baked goods with excellent texture and color, the all-purpose flour is essential. Another option is to use Better Batter but the all-purpose flour is a simpler choice though.

Whey protein isolate

Generally, this ingredient is an unflavored protein powder. Compared to regular protein powders, this one contains less protein yet more fillers.

Make sure you pick the unflavored one since some options may be available at the store. NOW Foods is one of a few brands that provide gluten-free unflavored protein powder.

Baking goods with gluten-free bread flour

If you are currently in a gluten-free journey, this is a must-have ingredient. However, you can also use GF bread flour even though you are a gluten eater.

Generally, gluten-free flour creates better taste and better texture on bread. Especially if you make it without eggs, you will find a huge difference in the texture and taste – in a good way.

Ingredient alternatives

At some point, you may need to substitute the ingredients mentioned above. If whey protein isolate doesn’t work for you, you can always use casein protein isolate.

Other than that, if all-purpose flour is not available in your location, you can always use potato starch and potato flour – pick one.

The only thing you must use (and cannot be substituted) is Expandex or the modified corn starch. And this is how you make the recipe for gluten free bread flour.

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