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Among many recipes, making pastry with gluten free flour is one of the most desirable options. One day, you decide that you do not want to consume any gluten-based product ever again. However, you start finding difficulties in baking gluten-free products, such as pastry, bread, or cake. Fortunately, even though the options for you are somewhat more limited, it is still possible to create a tasty gluten-free pastry. Well, let us check the important tips you should be aware of, shall we?

1. Keep your expectations low

Before start making a gluten-free pastry, it is possible that you have been experienced with baking goods for your life before you start avoiding gluten food. Most people expect that the process would be as easy as baking with conventional flour when baking with the gluten-free one. Unfortunately, if you think that way, you will need to be ready to be disappointed since the experience will be radically different. For example, when you want to bake up a bread dough that is gluten-free, you will need to make sure that it has the same thickness of what a pancake batter should be; but if you add too much flour, you will fail since it will result in an overly dense loaf of bread!  Therefore, keep your expectations low and you better not to be hoping too high.

2. Don’t afraid to make mistakes

The second tips when making a pastry with gluten free flour is that you should never be afraid to make mistakes since practice makes perfect. Well, just like any other activities, baking a pastry is actually a thing that requires constant practice. The thing is even more evident with gluten-free flour since the difficulty level is way higher! As previously mentioned, you should never expect too high and you would never be great in just one attempt. Start baking with the mind of a beginner- even though you have mastered the art of baking with gluten-based flour and do not be afraid to start over.

3. Combine different types of flour

Another issue when making a pastry by using gluten-free flour is that it will be difficult, if not impossible, to gain the perfect result by using only one type of flour. The thing is not too evident with gluten flour since most of them are multipurpose and can be used to make many baked goods. However, this should not be the reason for you to give up with gluten-free flour since there is still a way to remedy it. You will need to combine multiple types of flour so that you can bake the best type of pastry- usually, you will need to combine about 2 to 3 types of gluten-free flours at once.

4. Cheat by using xanthan gum

Without gluten to provide the dough with flaky layers, it is usually difficult to make pastry when using gluten-free flour. In order to avoid your pastry from crumbling, you will need to use xanthan gum so that your dough can be soft and flexible even without the presence of gluten. Well, those are the important tips when making a pastry with gluten free flour!

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