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Not all bread brands have a loaf of gluten free product. As a gluten-free food eater, you need to be selective in choosing bread. The good news, there are some brands which offer gluten-free bread. Just check the list of gluten free bread you can find in the market. By learning from this information, you will not get confused anymore about which one of them is regular bread and gluten-free bread.

#Trader Joe’s

This product is one of the most popular gluten-free bread. Trader Joe’s offer high-quality gluten-free bread and you will be amazed by its soft, light and airy texture. The taste is also perfect and this is the reason why people love to eat this bread. The taste is similar to the taste of traditional wheat bread. It will be better if the manufacturer considers the size of the bread. It seems that the size of the slice is too small. Overall, Trader Joe’s gluten-free bread is worth it to buy.


Schar is included on the list of gluten-free bread because of its high-quality product. What makes people amazed is the texture of the bread. The texture of the gluten-free bread is similar to the regular whole wheat bread. It seems difficult to compare if you do not get used to with them. You can differentiate after tasting them. The gluten-free bread is a little bit stiff but the taste is just similar to the regular whole wheat bread. Probably, people will choose to eat gluten-free bread if they know that there is a delicious product such as Schar gluten-free bread.


If you love to eat buttery bread, you have to try Rudi’s. As a gluten-free bread, this bread is dense and not crumble than the regular bread. The slice is small and thin so you can choose this bread if you love to eat a loaf of easy to bite bread. Despite the small and thin slices, you can still use this bread to create a delicious sandwich for the entire family including your children.


It is a different brand and it is not Rudi’s. So, what is the different between Udi’s and Rudi’s? The different is on its texture in which Udi’s has a little bit dry and crumbly texture. Moreover, the taste of the bread is close to the regular wheat bread. The brown crust is good-looking. The similarity of both brands is on the size of the slice. Whether Udi’s and Rudi’s has a thin and small slice so the manufacturer has to consider it.

#Canyon Bakehouse

If you want to taste delicious gluten-free bread, just try Canyo Bakehouse. The texture is the best compared to the reference mentioned above. By the time you bite the bread, you taste soft, fluffy, and spongy texture. Along with the perfect taste, you can still see the scattered seeds so you are sure that you are eating a loaf of whole-grain and gluten-free bread. Another special thing is the taste in which the taste is sweet. The sweet flavor is from the agave. Those reasons are enough to include Canyo Bakehouse in the list of gluten free bread worth it to buy.

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