Kim’s Gluten Free Bread Flour Blend

“Kim’s gluten free bread flour blend” is such a popular keyword lately. Especially for those who are taking a gluten-free diet, -the keyword is one of the most iconic ones.

It doesn’t take a series of complicated steps to make great GF bread loaves. More than anything, there are things you need to know to make a tasty one.

A chef shared the secrets to making a tasty loaf of bread even though it uses gluten-free ingredients in the first place. Everything you need to know can be found down below.

More hydration

When it comes to making a tasty gluten free bread loaf, you need to increase the hydration. The blends are essentially more absorbent and drier compared to regular flour blends.

Feel free to use carbonated water and other bubbly liquids to lighten the batter. Also, a non-diet soda helps to give extra help for the yeast.

Paddle instead of hook

If you’ve tried Kim’s gluten free bread flour blend or use gluten-free flour blends, you may know that the dough has a batter consistency. Thus, using the paddle attachment is much more recommended instead of using the dough hook.

The paddle will mix dry and wet ingredients well or you can simply switch to the paddle when you start mixing the wet ingredients. Also, make sure you use a low speed when mixing the ingredients. Keep in mind that the batter is thinner and not as elastic as the regular dough.

More yeast

Gluten is supposed to make the dough stretchy and chewy. Since there is no gluten in the dough, the yeast would have to finish the homework alone.

Thus, adding more yeast will help to trap the gas in the dough. Adding 25 percent of yeast in the dough is enough or you can be experimenting.


Pre-ferment is a technique when the ingredients are priorly mixed. It allows the ingredients to ferment longer which develops more acidity and taste. You can use half of the yeast to do this technique. The rest can be added after this process is done.

A thermometer

Making gluten-free loaves of bread requires an exact temperature to bring out the best taste. When the bread is finished, you can check the internal temperature as well – the best should be at 210 F. If the center part hasn’t reached the number, it’s not well-done. And this is anything you need to know about making a great GF bread with Kim’s gluten free bread flour blend.

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