Is There Less Carbs in Gluten-Free Pizza

Is There Less Carbs in Gluten-Free Pizza? Let’s See the Explanation Below

Pizza is now a favorite food for everyone. However, apparently behind the appearance that can be appetizing and very delicious when eaten, there is a substance that is not very good for individuals who experience gluten intolerance. Gluten itself is a protein component that is often called a peptide in wheat and flour.

Therefore, a pizza will not be too good for individuals who have a gluten allergy in their bodies. To answer this problem, there is now a pizza that is free of gluten content. This pizza is made specifically for those who are intolerant of gluten by using different ingredients than pizza in general.

Then, new questions arise about is there less carbs in gluten-free pizza? To find out, some of the explanations below might help you to answer that question.

Who says pizza becomes fast food that is not good for the body? In fact, several studies conducted by researchers concluded that pizza contains complete nutrition for the body.

Pizza contains carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, water, and minerals, which are essential nutrients for the body. However, all the nutrients can be obtained if we can choose ingredients and toppings for the pizza.

Interestingly, the nutritional content we can get both on regular pizza that still contains gluten and pizza that does not contain gluten. Well, what distinguishes pizza that still contains gluten from pizza that does not contain gluten is the basic ingredient in making bread.

In pizza that does not contain gluten, the basic ingredients in making pizza do not use flour and wheat, but instead use a variety of ingredients that contain gluten-free, such as rice flour and the use of cheese and pepperoni toppings on it. So, is there less carbs in a gluten-free pizza? It seems not so.

Some pizza companies have also claimed in the supply and manufacture of gluten-free pizza, they are still processed in the same way as other pizzas, only the ingredients, tools, and storage of ingredients also follow international gluten-free standardization.

These companies such as Domino and Pizza Hut for example. However, specifically for Pizza Hut itself, the service of gluten-free pizza is already available at US outlets. This is because people in the country are aware of the side effects of consuming gluten which will affect the health of the body. Other outlets in other regions are not yet fully available. So, if you want to consume gluten-free pizza at Pizza Hut outlets in your area of residence, try asking in advance whether the choice of gluten-free pizza is available or not.

But, if you want to experiment and create your own in making pizza according to your taste, then you can make it yourself at home. In addition to being able to adjust to your needs and tastes, you can also arrange and measure approximately the right nutritional content for you to get when you consume this pizza later.

So in conclusion, is there less carbs in gluten-free pizza? It all depends. The key factor is where you can replace the basic ingredients of pizza and pizza toppings.

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