Is Oat Bran Gluten Free?

Gluten contained in foods is able to trigger the immune system in the body of celiac disease sufferers to damage small intestines. So, people who are suffered from celiac disease must avoid consuming foods which contain gluten. Seeds usually contain gluten, but not all seeds.

So, what kinds of seeds which are gluten free and safe to be consumed by celiac disease sufferers? What about oat bran cereal? Is oat bran gluten free?

Seeds that Must be Avoided by Celiac Disease Sufferers

Gluten is a protein that is found in some seeds so that it is pretty hard for the sufferers of celiac disease to choose which seeds they can consume and which other ones they must avoid. However, seeds are included as an important food source for the body. Carbohydrate, fibers, and various minerals and vitamins are contained in seeds.

The kinds of seeds that must be avoided by celiac disease sufferers are wheat, including wheat flour, wheat seeds, and oat bran, black wheat or rye, and barley.

So for those of you who are wondering whether oat bran is gluten free or not, the answer is: not gluten free.

It is probably easy for the celiac disease sufferers to avoid gluten from those seeds. However, it will be pretty hard to know the gluten content in processed foods.

You will probably need to ask what the processed foods are made from, what flour is used, and many more. Make sure the processed foods you consume such as biscuits and cookies are free from gluten or free from seeds which contain gluten.

Why Is Oat Bran not Gluten Free?

Actually, oat itself does not contain gluten and not dangerous for people who are suffered from celiac disease. However, the process production of oat bran is usually contaminated by wheat.

From the harvest until the process in the manufacturer. So, for celiac sufferers who want to consume oat bran, if it is possible, find the product that is labeled with gluten free.

Moreover, do not forget to read the ingredients written in the package of the product. Make sure the oat bran or whatever oat products you buy are free from gluten.

Seeds that Can be Consumed by Celiac Disease Sufferers

Some kinds of seeds do not contain gluten so that they are safe to be consumed by people who are suffered from celiac disease. Those seeds are corns, soy, brown rice, soba, and quinoa.

Celiac disease sufferers have an abnormal immune system. Their immune system is not able to recognize gluten as a food substance. It will react when there is protein gluten get into the body.

When the celiac disease sufferers consume foods which contain gluten, the small issues in the small intestines will be damaged and cause inflammation. This makes intestines cannot absorb the nutrients contained in foods well.

As a result, the sufferers lack important nutrients needed by the body. In kids, this can disturb their development and growth.

Those are the information you should know about Oat Bran Gluten Free.

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