Is Honeycomb Cereal Gluten Free? Here, the Proofs 

Is honeycomb cereal gluten free?. A food that is rarely sold in markets it is not widely known that honeycomb is gluten free. The reason is that people usually think that foods with very high gluten are found in wheat, malt, and sweet foods such as soy sauce and honey. And the answer is no, because honeycomb is not a gluten food.

Then how can honeycomb be included as gluten free, here is the explanation.

Honeycomb, a Gluten Free Cereal for Its Ability to Boost Immune System

When the body’s immunity decreases, there will be lymphocyte destruction which causes infection if not treated immediately. Usually, this condition occurs in people with AIDS or cancer. However, this can be overcome by consuming honeycomb cereal gluten free. Wasp nests act as immune stimulators to reactivate low body immunity by increasing the immune response.

The opposite, in the condition of people with certain health conditions, gluten intake must be greatly suppressed and even tabulated. Gluten can be very dangerous in people with autoimmune diseases including AIDS, cancer, lupus, or other autoimmune diseases. The reason is, gluten can cause the production of antibodies that react with antigens and our own body tissues.

Honeycomb, a Gluten Free Cereal for Its Ability to Protect Infection

Did you know that the protein layer is a breeding ground for viruses? This virus will not cause a negative impact as long as the protein layer is not broken. Bioflavonoids are one of the substances the body needs to protect the protein layer from viral threats. Well, you can get it by consuming honeycomb cereal gluten free.

Bioflavonoid compounds in wasp nests play an active role in eradicating bacteria that are resistant to biotic synthesis. This content is what makes wasp nests as antiviral properties. It can improve human body in fighting certain bacteria such as bacteria that cause digestive diseases. Research shows that honeycomb cereal gluten free can help protect the gut from the intestinal parasite Giardia lamblia.

The opposite, consuming gluten can cause digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease. Gluten can also change gut bacteria and increase intestinal permeability in people with intestinal disease.

Honeycomb, Gluten Free Cereal for Its Good to Heart Health

The content of fatty acids and ester alcohol in the honeycomb is thought to be effective in lowering cholesterol that triggers heart disease. This is evidenced by research published by the Scientific World Journal. Research has also found that the antioxidant content in pure honey can help dilate blood vessels in the heart. This is useful for increasing blood flow and lowering blood pressure which is good for heart health.

On the contrary, gluten can lead to the risk of heart disease. Eating foods containing gluten which have high cholesterol levels can build up on the artery walls, causing narrowing of the area and reducing blood flow to the heart.

Honeycombs are hives created by bee colonies to store honey and pollen. Honeycomb is made of hexagon-shaped cells and contains wax which contains pure honey. Because it is not processed, pure honey in honeycomb still contains enzymes and contains natural protein, vitamins and minerals so that it has good benefits for the human body.

Thus, the answer about is honeycomb cereal gluten free is yes can be justified.

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