Is Honey Baked Ham Gluten Free?

Honey Baked Ham was opened by Harry J. Hoenselaar in 1957. It was the first store in Detroit and Michigan. The thing that makes this store popular is its smoked ham with a sweet flavor and crunchy texture.

People love to serve this ham at holiday dinners, Easter celebrations, and other gatherings. Is honey baked ham gluten free? It becomes one of the most popular questions with the rise of gluten issues.

Why Some People Can’t Eat Gluten

Gluten is a group of seeds that can keep proteins. People with celiac disease are not allowed to eat food that contains gluten. In worse cases, people with celiac disease can’t tolerate gluten even in small amounts.

They will suffer from other problems, such as osteoporosis, infertility, nerve damage, and seizures if they still eat food with gluten. Some people do not suffer from celiac disease but they are gluten sensitive.

The symptoms are often the same when they eat food that contains gluten. The good news is that they may not suffer from intestinal damage.

About Honey Baked

Everything started in 1936 when Harry J Hoenselaar discovered the first spiral-slicing machine prototype. Hoenselaar continued his career by opening his first Honey Baked Store in Detroit, Michigan, and used the machine to introduce his baked hams and turkeys.

As a family-owned business, Harry’s children expanded this business. Nowadays, Honey Baked Ham has several stores in 40 states across the United States.

This business still survives until today. They try to follow the trend and produce a variety of products periodically. Creating gluten-free hams and turkeys is one of their biggest achievements.

They understand that some people can’t eat food with gluten. At the same time, they want to enjoy Honey Baked hams. By the value of showing something that they love, serving others, doing the right thing, creating high-quality products, and spreading fun Honey Baked Hams tries to realize what their customers need.

Nowadays, it doesn’t matter whether they are allergic to gluten or not, they can eat Honey Baked hams safely without worrying about anything.

The Use of Gluten in Honey Baked Ham

Honey Baked Ham company used gluten on their glaze. It is one of the secrets why their ham and turkey products are crunchy.

The issue of gluten-free arises when some people can’t tolerate gluten. Even a small amount of gluten in food can cause health problems. Because of that, the Honey Baked Ham company reformulated its glaze ingredients in 2008.

The idea of reformulating the glaze is by removing the gluten and soy ingredient. The company shared the gluten-free hams and turkeys in several stores.

Then, the company announced that they have gluten-free hams and turkeys in all of their stores. Only because they announced the gluten-free products doesn’t mean that the company removes gluten from the ingredient.

Better Nutritional Information

Nowadays, Honey Baked still serves gluten-free hams and hams with gluten. So, how do customers make sure that they eat gluten-free hams? This company improves its nutritional information.

Customers can find out the nutritional information feature when they visit the official website. There are three options on this feature, which are a nutrition calculator, an interactive nutrition menu, and an allergen menu. Customers can click the allergen menu option and see the list of allergens they have to avoid.

Gluten is on this list, and customers only have to click on it to order gluten-free hams or turkeys. Then, they will see the list of Honey Baked products. The system differentiates gluten-free products and products with gluten with colors.

Products with the green color are gluten-free, whereas hams with the red color are a product with gluten. A credible way to answer is Honey Baked ham gluten-free.

Gluten-Free Hams by Honey Baked

It’s good to know that Honey Baked cares about the health of their customers by offering gluten-free hams and turkeys. Customers can enjoy gluten-free bone-in and boneless ham by Honey Baked.

This store also has roasted and smoked turkey breast without gluten. Honey Baked even explains the ingredients and allergens information on the nutritional facts. For example, the bone-in ham consists of meat, animal products, corn, and nitrates.’

For a gluten-free option, this product doesn’t contain gluten, milk, eggs, fish wheat, and peanuts. This product is using sugar, gelatin, paprika, food starch, and Maltodextrin for creating its glaze.

It is the same case with their gluten-free boneless hams version. The product contains corn and nitrates and doesn’t use gluten. They have the same ingredients for bone-in hams to create the glaze. As a result, customers who are allergic to gluten can enjoy Honey Baked hams safely with the same flavor.


Based on the explanation above, you finally know that Honey Baked serves two versions of hams and turkeys, which are gluten-free and with gluten. You only have to check the nutritional information on the official website before purchasing the hams or turkeys.

This feature helps people a lot to know the ingredients and nutritional facts of the Honey Baked products they want to consume. As a result, people can enjoy their favorite products based on the nutrition they need and the allergens they must avoid if they have them.

The most important thing is that you have to be more selective and active to find out about the Honey Baked Ham products you want to buy. Find out the information you want to know before buying the product.

You even can ask customer service first to make sure that you get the right products. Explain that you need a gluten-free product and the reason why.

This information also makes you sure that it is okay to buy and enjoy Honey Baked Ham products as long as you take the right specification. It is glad to know that this store supports the things that you need to keep you enjoying their products well.

So, if someone asking is Honey Baked Hams gluten-free, you can answer this question by giving a complete explanation. Buy your favorite Honey Baked products and enjoy them with the entire family or friends while enjoying the moment.

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