Is Eoc Barista Blend Coffee Gluten-Free

Currently, various products have begun to create the latest innovations by releasing their latest product variants in the form of gluten-free. Starting from various types of food such as bread, pizza, and oats, they add a clear gluten-free label in front of their products.

Then, what about other products that are not labeled as gluten-free? Do they have gluten content in them? Like coffee products, for example, is EOC Barista Blend Coffee gluten-free? To find this out, consider the explanation below.

Know what gluten is

Gluten itself is a type of protein that is usually found in wheat, barley, or barley. For this reason, foods that use wheat-based ingredients such as bread and pizza are considered to contain high gluten and are not good for consumption by those who experience gluten intolerance or often referred to as a celiac disease.

Do other grain products contain gluten?

Gluten does exist in most products from plants that are in the form of grains when harvested, such as wheat and oats. Then, how about coffee beans and corn for example. Of course, coffee products such as EOC barista blend coffee use coffee beans as a raw material before making coffee grounds.

So, is EOC Barista Blend Coffee gluten-free? The answer is absolutely not. This is based on research conducted by a CDF Medical Advisory Board member. He emphasized that coffee beans and corn seeds do not contain gluten. His assumption is based on the absence of scientific evidence that shows if the seeds and corn kernels contain gluten. Thus, he added, if the two seeds are still safe for consumption by those who experience gluten intolerance or who do not at all.

Precisely the most abundant content in the coffee itself is caffeine. Caffeine will help the body to be more alert and concentrate after consuming it. That is why most people will choose to consume coffee in the morning before starting their activities or accompanying their activities at night.

Why is there no gluten-free label on the coffee packaging?

The reason why there is no gluten-free label on the coffee packaging itself is that coffee is known to have no gluten content in it. Therefore, it seems there is no need for any more gluten-free labeling on the packaging.

Unlike the various food packages that previously had gluten content, such as pizza or oats. This will later help inform their consumers if the product is a variant of gluten-free products. That way they will more easily recognize and choose which product variants contain gluten or not.


With the explanation mentioned above, it can be concluded if coffee does not have any gluten content in it. Is EOC Barista Blend Coffee gluten-free? Although the types of coffee beans differ from different variants of EOC products, it still does not change the fact that coffee beans, of whatever type, do not contain gluten in them.

That way if you are a sufferer of gluten intolerance or don’t have to worry about consuming coffee beans at all. Also, coffee beans will still bring good benefits to the body if consumed properly and within reasonable and normal limits in a day.

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