Is Cinnamon Sugar Quaker Oats Gluten Free? Here's the Answer

Is Cinnamon Sugar Quaker Oats Gluten Free? Here’s the Answer

Quaker Oats is one of the brands of oat products on the market today. This company itself has been pioneering for a long time, since 1901. Then joined PepsiCo, a company engaged in the snack, beverage and food industries.

Until now, Quaker Oats itself has released a variety of flavors from its products. one of the newest and most popular products is the cinnamon sugar variant.

However, unfortunately this variant is not given a label about gluten free in its products. So, is cinnamon sugar quaker oats gluten free? To find out, some of the explanations below can help you find the answers.

Oat is different from wheat

Although both types of cereal plants, oats and wheat are actually different. In its own form, oats still have a layer of epidermis and ovules. Therefore, oats are often also known as whole cereal seeds.

Unlike wheat, which does not look like oats. Wheat itself is a plant that is like grass and needs to be processed when it will be used. Therefore wheat is often the main ingredient in making various foods, such as bread and cakes for example.

Oat content and wheat

Oats contain nutritional value that is quite complete and more than wheat. Oats have 7 vitamins and a number of nutrients including iron and calcium. Completeness of nutrition is what often makes people who eat oats feel full longer than those who eat whole wheat or whole corn as well.

Wheat also actually contains nutrients that are good for the body. This nutritional content can help you lose weight while reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. It’s just that, the content of gluten in it can not be accepted by everyone because some people will naturally experience gluten intolerance, causing problems in their health.

Quaker Oats variant of cinnamon sugar

If seen from the explanation above, you can answer the question about is cinnamon sugar quaker oats gluten free which was asked earlier. Quaker Oats themselves claim if their products use oat ingredients. Oats in this product itself uses oats that come from Canada, which is a type of oats with very good quality.

In addition, in this product variant, Quaker Oats also claims that their one product variant is the best source for getting to the body and there is no mixing of artificial flavors and colors in it.


Is cinnamon sugar quaker oats gluten free? The answer is clear, yes, free. This can be proven from the source of material used in the form of oats and not using wheat. As previously explained, if oats and wheat themselves are different, even though they are the same type of cereal crop.

In addition, oats also do not have gluten, in the sense that oats are free of gluten. Even so, gluten could have been created accidentally from the process of storing and transferring the seeds before they are produced in a factory. So, if you want an oat that is truly gluten-free, try later to choose a Quaker Oats product that has a gluten-free label on the front product.

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