Is Brand Tylenol Gluten Free? ⋆ [Not Always!]

Are you having a cold or fever? The best medication for that is taking medicine for that condition. Now, among many medications you can find in the store, one of them is known as one of the most popular medicines for fever. It is one of the Paracetamol medicines, which has Tylenol as the brand name.

People used this medicine a long time ago. It works wonderfully, and more importantly, it can relieve pain that is caused by many factors. Anyone can use it, as long as they follow the instructions. However, for you who have celiac disease, taking Tylenol maybe is difficult.

As we all know, some medicine in the store uses the wheat-starch as the emulsion or starting ingredients. So, is Tylenol also using those ingredients? Is Tylenol gluten-free?

Tylenol is Gluten-Free

Is Brand Tylenol Gluten Free? Tylenol is gluten-free. However, it is not all Tylenol products gluten free.

You can see whether it is gluten-free or not from its packaging. If it is written there, you can relax. That product is safe to consume for your medication. As we said, not all Tylenol products are gluten-free.

Some of them don’t have the gluten-free tag, which shows that it uses the ingredient that has gluten substance in it. One of the particular Tylenol products that have gluten-containing ingredients is the Tylenol Rapid Release. The standard Tylenol mostly is gluten-free. So, you need to avoid that type.

Furthermore, according to the document that was released by McNeil Consumer Healthcare, the company that produces Tylenol, this medicine has been going through a gluten test. And, the result is there are no detectable levels of gluten in it.

McNeil also revealed that the starch that they use to start the formulation process doesn’t use gluten-containing ingredients, such as wheat, barley, or rye, which is commonly used in other medicine.

For Tylenol, they use corn as the starting ingredients. Corn, according to the Celiac Disease Foundation, doesn’t have scientific proof of the gluten substance in it. Therefore, it is safe to consume for people with Celiac disease or you who don’t eat gluten products.

Furthermore, all medicine that you can find in the store in this country has been approved by the FDA. Therefore, if that medicine puts the gluten-free label on its package, it means that it doesn’t have gluten in it. FDA won’t pass the medicine that doesn’t fit with the description for consumer safety.

Moreover, the majority of the drug and medicine you can find today also mostly free from wheat and other gluten-containing ingredients.

Today, the drug company tries to reach a different type of consumer with a different condition. Therefore, they apply this policy, so their product is available and safe for more consumers. It is also including McNeil Consumer Healthcare with their Tylenol product.

The Gluten-Free Tylenol Type

Now, after you know that this medicine doesn’t have gluten content in it, here we have a list of Tylenol products that you can safely consume.

  • Children’s TYLENOL® Meltaways Grape Punch
  • Children’s TYLENOL® Meltaways Bubblegum Burst
  • Children’s TYLENOL® Meltaways Wacky Watermelon
  • Children’s TYLENOL® Suspension Grape*
  • Children’s TYLENOL® Suspension Bubblegum*
  • Children’s TYLENOL® Suspension Cherry Blast
  • Children’s TYLENOL® Suspension Strawberry*
  • Children’s TYLENOL® Flavor Packets Bubblegum
  • Children’s TYLENOL® Flavor Packets Chocolate
  • Children’s TYLENOL® Flavor Packets Apple
  • Children’s TYLENOL® Flavor Packets Strawberry
  • Infant’s TYLENOL® Drops Cherry
  • Infant’s TYLENOL® Drops Grape
  • Jr. TYLENOL® Meltaways Grape Punch
  • Jr. TYLENOL® Meltaways Bubblegum Burst
  • Children’s TYLENOL® Cold Suspension Grape
  • Children’s TYLENOL® Plus Cold Chewable Tablets
  • Children’s TYLENOL® Plus Cold & Cough Chewable Tablets Cherry
  • Children’s TYLENOL® Plus Cold & Cough Suspension Cherry
  • Infant’s TYLENOL® Drops Plus Cold
  • TYLENOL® Allergy Sinus Caplets*
  • TYLENOL® Sinus Day Caplets
  • TYLENOL® Sinus Severe Congestion
  • TYLENOL® Cold Severe Congestion Caplets
  • TYLENOL® Severe Cold & Flu Liquid
  • TYLENOL® Cold Day Non-Drowsy Caplet
  • Simply Stuffy™ Liquid
  • Simply Cough™ Liquid
  • Extra Strength TYLENOL® Geltabs
  • Extra Strength TYLENOL® Gelcaps
  • Extra Strength TYLENOL® Tablets
  • Extra Strength TYLENOL® Caplets
  • Regular Strength TYLENOL® Tablets
  • TYLENOL® Arthritis Pain Relief Caplets
  • TYLENOL® 8 Hour Caplets
  • TYLENOL® 8 Hour Geltabs
  • TYLENOL® PM Caplets

All the products we mentioned above are all over the counter medicine. Therefore, you can easily buy it anytime you need it, whenever you feel a fever or any condition that requires Tylenol for treatment.

The Precaution before Consuming Tylenol

Even though Tylenol is gluten-free, you also must remember that you can’t just take it without proper measure or dosage. First of all, make sure you contact your doctor to find out about your condition.

It is important, especially for you who have Celiac disease. Any slight mistake can lead to a dangerous problem for your health. So, find out whether the ingredient in the Tylenol won’t give you any side-effect that can harm your body.

Because it is OTC medicine, you also can always do some research and, more importantly, read the ingredient on its package. If you don’t know whether the ingredients are safe or not, you also can contact the manufacturer and talk to customer service to find more about it.

This method is not only for Tylenol. If you want to buy other medicine, especially OTC medicine, you also need to do this to ensure that it is safe to consume.


Now, you know that Tylenol is safe to consume. It doesn’t have gluten, so it won’t affect or only cause slight side-effects for you. However, it is also important to understand that this medicine works differently for every person. Each of you has a different body condition.

Therefore, you need to be extra careful and consult with your doctor first before taking it. More importantly, it is better to live a healthy lifestyle, having enough rest and exercise every day to prevent any health problem come to you. That way you don’t need to worry about how you should take the medicine.

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