Made Your Own Homemade Gluten Free Bread Flour

Using gluten-free bread flour in baking is a new choice nowadays for example baking banana bread gluten-free. This is a good choice for people who have a certain diet that requires a gluten-free ingredient. If you are difficult to find gluten-free bread flour, we can blend some ingredients to make homemade gluten free bread flour.

Make Gluten-Free Bread Flour

Besides you can buy some brands of gluten-free flour, you can also make homemade gluten-free bread flour. You can blend whey protein isolate, modified tapioca starch, and a strong all-purpose gluten-free flour. Whey protein isolate is a protein powder that is 100% close to a protein. This is unflavored protein powder.

This kind of whey protein is different from whey protein concentrate that has more fillers and less protein. Whey protein isolate is usually used by people who want to build their body as they need tons of protein for their body. They usually mix it with their shake.

They choose the flavored ones. But, for gluten-free bread flour, you should use the unflavored one. Besides the whey protein isolate, we also blend it with modified tapioca starch such as Expandex and Ultratex 3.

Expandex is a kind of tapioca starch which is chemically modified. It helps to create a chew gluten-free bread. If you get difficult to find Expandex, you can use Ultratex 3 although it is 3 times stronger than Expandex. If you are using Ultratex 3, you should modify the quantity of the other ingredients.

Why Using Gluten-Free Bread Flour for Baking

There are some reasons why people using gluten-free bread flour when they want to bake bread. You can experience expecting conventional yeast bread. Using gluten-free bread flour to bake a bread makes the dough of the bread is not wet like the batter style of bread.

The bread that uses gluten-free bread flour has a better texture and better taste. The appearance of the dough is different when using homemade gluten-free bread flour. This gluten-free flour is used without the enrichment of the eggs and the butter. It is because the mixture of the gluten-free bread flour has an internal structure that is similar to the conventional bread.

Homemade gluten free bread flour is an innovation in baking bread. Its taste is different from the conventional baking. You will experience baking without using eggs and butter, but the taste is similar to the conventional one. You can try it and taste it.

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