Gluten Free Stuffing Recipe with Sausage

Gluten free stuffing recipe with sausage, are you interested in that? Recently, the patients of Celiac disease are getting increased. For this problem, there are more people that apply the gluten diet.

Celiac disease itself is actually not really common to happen. People are suffered from this disease are not able to eat foods contained with gluten.

Gluten itself is a kind of protein in the flour that may cause some problems for them who are allergic. The problems are including itch, irritation, digestive problems, and even irritation.

Interestingly, there are actually many recipes of daily meals that are gluten-free. They are still really delicious and some of them even look really attractive to the kids.

Some other ingredients are possible to add including sausage.

So, what are the best gluten-free recipes with sausage? Check them out.

Sausage Stuffed Mushroom

A combination of sausage and mushroom is definitely tasty. Meanwhile, some other ingredients you may prepare also are butter, shallot, blue cheese, and cream cheese.

Do you want it to taste more delicious, prepare also the sliced thyme leaves? The sausage and mushroom are chopped or sliced and then they are put on the bowl together with other ingredients.

Next, stem and bake them. The final result is that the sausage stuffed mushroom is in the form of a big cake. Slice it into some piece and it is definitely a healthy savory snack for the family.

Spinach Salad with Sausage

The main ingredient here is the spinach anyway. This vegetable is indeed well-known for being healthy with the nutrition contained. Boil the spinach along with the slices of sweet red onion.

When the spinach has been already smooth, pour the slices of sausage on it. Drain them and then you can dress the salad with your favorite sauce. It can be the basil, nut, soy, and even the clam sauce.

No-Plate Pizza with Sausage

Talking about pizza, it seems that the dishes cannot be separated from the flour plate where all the toppers are taken place, including the slices of sauce.

However, what do you think about a pizza without the floor plate? Does it sound weird? Yes, it does, but you can just make it. Prepare all the pizza toppers you want including the sausage, peppers, bean, sliced meats, and all the vegetables you need to make pizza. Learn what Best Store-Bought Gluten Free Pizza Crust

Chop the meat alongside the cheese and probably mushroom. Shape the dough into a plate and then steam it. Bake it while pouring the plate. Well, this is a pizza for real.

Chicken Ball with Sausage

This dish is made mainly from the chicken that has been mashed. Add the spices including the mashes of garlic, salt, and pepper powder. To make it taste more deliciously, mix it with the slices of celery or thyme leaves.

Shape the chicken into ping pong balls and then put it on the bowl with sliced sausages and melted butter. Next, fry or bake the dough. The gluten-free savory snacks with sausages are finally ready to serve.

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