Gluten Free Pizza Dough Ingredients

Do you want to eat gluten-free pizza? You can order or visit many pizza stores around your place. Nowadays, most of them provide the gluten-pizza menu. So, you won’t have any problem to get one.

However, if you are bored with those store pizza, you can try to make your own gluten-free pizza. The first thing you need to do here is the gluten free pizza dough ingredients.

The Gluten Free Pizza Dough Ingredients:

  • 2 large all-purpose potatoes.
  • 1/3 cup of warm water.
  • 2 tsp of agave syrup. Or, you also can use honey if you don’t have or can’t find this ingredient.
  • One ¼ ounce of active dry yeast.
  • 1 cup of white rice flour.
  • A ½ cup of tapioca starch.
  • Kosher salt.
  • 1 large egg white.
  • 1 tbsp of extra-virgin olive oil.

As you can see, we didn’t use gluten-free flour to make the gluten-free pizza. Instead, we substitute it with potatoes, which will make the pizza taste unique and more delicious. Moreover, it’s also healthier. And, you also need to prepare some ricer because we use potatoes here. The potatoes will become the base dough that you use to make the gluten-free pizza. Now, let’s take a look at the direction to make the dough.


  • Put the potatoes into the water in a medium pot. Boil it until for about 25 minutes until tender.
  • Remove the potatoes and wait until it’s cool.
  • Then, peel the skin, then use ricer and set it aside.
  • Mix warm water, agave (or honey) and yeast, inside the measuring cup or small bowl. Stir until a small layer of foam is formed. You usually need 3 to 5 minutes. Unfortunately, if you can’t find the foam formed after you do this, you need to discard it and try once more.
  • Prepare stand mixer with a big bowl. Put the potatoes, tapioca starch, rice flour, salt into the bowl. Mix it until it forms the pizza dough-like substance.
  • Add egg white and oil, and then keep the speed at medium.
  • Add yeast. Sprinkle it little by little. Mix it well.
  • Remove the bowl, cover it with plastic wrap and keep it in a warm place. Let it sit for 1.5 hours until it expands.
  • Take a small part of the dough and put it on the paper parchment. Sprinkle tapioca starch on top of it, so it won’t sticky when you flatten it using rolling pin.

Now, you have the gluten-free pizza dough that you can use to make the gluten-free pizza. Add any toppings that you like on top of it. Just make sure that the topping doesn’t contain the gluten ingredients. Here are some of the good choices of topping you can try:

  • Sweet potato,
  • Cottage cheese,
  • Tomatoes,
  • Green chilies,
  • Sausage,
  • Garlic,
  • Parsley,
  • Broccoli florets,
  • Red onion.

In fact, you can use all of those topping and create a delicious vegetable (with a little amount of meat) gluten-free pizza. That’s all. Now you know the gluten free pizza dough ingredients and how to make it.

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