Gluten Free Pizza Crust Carbs

Are you looking for the information of gluten free pizza crust carbs? If you do, then you have come to the right place. However, before we get into the list of pizza crust carbs, you need to know first the difference between gluten-free and carb-free. It is very important to know so that you can live healthily.

The reason it is very important is that because there are so many people who have still misunderstood those two diets. If you are interested in changing your lifestyle and want to know more about gluten-free and carbs-free then you better keep on reading this article.

What Is Gluten-Free?

For your information, gluten is a protein that is used to make our food becomes thicker and chewier. Therefore, a gluten-free diet means a diet that includes many kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Not only that but grains such as rice, quinoa, and buckwheat are also important along with some protein sources from cold-water fish, chicken, and plant-based proteins.

When you are undergoing this diet, you have to avoid consuming kinds of pasta, pieces of bread, hot dogs, soy sauce, pickles, and also processed foods.

In addition, if you do a gluten-free diet, you may have the same effects as you do a carb-free diet. As you all know, foods that contain gluten such as bread and pasta are high in carbohydrates. So, not eating those foods will simultaneously cut out some of your carbs.

However, you need to keep in mind that doing a gluten-free diet will not cut all of your carbs at once. The reason is that not all of gluten-free items are low in calories.

For example, candies and sodas that are gluten-free still contain many carbs and calories. With that said, you need to be careful when you are doing a gluten-free diet.

What Is Carb-Free?

Now, before we get into the list of gluten free pizza crust carbs, you need to know what is carb-free first. Doing a carb-free diet means that you will cut out any kinds of food that contain carbohydrates and made from sugars, starches, cellulose, and gums.

This diet is considered very difficult. You need to avoid to eat pieces of bread, fruits, certain vegetables, candies, and also sodas. Also, cutting out carbs using a carb-free diet can keep your blood sugar at a normal level. However, you need to keep in mind that even if you do a carb-free diet, it cannot guarantee you to successfully lose weight.

Information of Pizza Crust Carbs

Now, we get into the most exciting part, that is the information gluten free pizza crust carbs. The first is the gluten-free pizza crust from Udi’s. The calories are 160, the fat is 4 g, the carbs is 31 g, while the protein is 4 g.

The second is cauliflower crust pizza from Absolutely Gluten Free. The calories are 170, the fat is 5 g, the carbs is 21 g, while the protein is 12 g.

The last one is gluten-free extra thin crust pizza. The calories are 320, the fat 13 g, the carbs are 36 g, and the protein is 14 g.

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