Gluten Free Mascara

Some women are allergic to products with gluten. The side effects of consuming or using products with gluten are various such as itchy and irritation. The good news, there are also some gluten-free makeup products in the market including gluten free mascara. The brands focus on how to serve good, natural, and eco-friendly makeup to their customers. Even, they have supported the products with a certificate from GFCO or Gluten-Free Certification Organization. These are several mascara brands which offer a gluten-free product.

Too Faced

This mascara is formulated with natural ingredients and without gluten. As a result, all people can use the mascara including vegans. So, how about the benefits of the product? The good news, the use of natural and gluten-free ingredients don’t reduce the benefits. Even, Too Faced mascara helps to increase the volume, length, and lift your lashes. The most important thing, you don’t need to feel any side effects.

Zuzu Luxe

Another popular gluten free mascara is Zuzu Luxe. To show that the product is a gluten-free product, Zuzu Luxe has received GFCO certification. This brand is formulated for women with sensitive eyes. By using Zuzu Luxe, a woman with sensitive eyes don’t need to suffer from itchy and the other side effects. On the other hand, you will have perfect lashes in the sense of its length and volume. The manufacturer also cares about the health of lashes so they create mascara with a lot of vitamins and herbal extract ingredients.

Alima Pure

The manufacturer wants to share a safe and healthy makeup product to the users. That’s why the mascara is made of pure, natural, and mineral-based ingredients. Due to the ingredients, Alima Pure becomes one of non-harsh chemicals mascaras. Even, the product is not tested on animals. Moreover, the wand is made of rubber bristles. The material helps to separate lashes comfortable and make the lashes perfectly curl.


This E.L.F company focuses on offering safe and healthy beauty products. Because of that, they are only formulating gluten-free products including gluten-free mascara. They also not tested the products on animals. Interestingly, the cost of this mascara is affordable and it works effectively to make your lashes look perfect. The mascara is using a formula which able to prevent clump while managing lashes.

Gabriel Cosmetics

Just like any other mascara brands mentioned here, Gabriel Cosmetics has been approved by the GFCO as one of the 100% gluten free products. The product is the best option for women who wear contact lens and those with sensitive eyes. The natural ingredients are able to lift your lashes and increase the length. It works naturally because of vitamin B5.

So, you don’t need to get confused anymore about choosing the best mascara, especially for women with sensitive eyes. The list of gluten free mascara is the answer to your problem. All of the products have been approved by GFCO so it is totally free from gluten and any harsh ingredients. In the end, you will have attractive eyelashes without suffering from itchy or any kind of eye irritations.

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