Gluten Free Foods for Kids

If your child got a coeliac disease, then you should always be on the lookout for gluten-free foods for kids. Children and eating difficulties often come hand to hand, and it can be hard finding foods that children will love while also being free of gluten.

Fortunately for you, this list here will help you remedy those difficulties. Below are several food items that will be enjoyable for children AND are gluten-free.

Sweet potatoes, especially when turned into a crispy delight

You just know that children love eating crispy things. Potato chips, potato crisps, and a whole lot of other crispy items. The crunch that those foods give is not only satisfying, those foods are often delicious on their own as well.

Potatoes are not healthy, though, especially for those with coeliac disease.

That is why you should turn to sweet potatoes. Sweet ‘tatoes are not only gluten-free, they are a much healthier option when compared to ordinary potatoes.

They are not as savoury as normal potatoes, but they contain a whole lot of fibre and many nutrition that are good for gluten-intolerant children.

They are good for those without gluten intolerance, too, making sweet potatoes a viable alternative your ordinary potatoes.

To make your sweet potatoes even more enticing for children, just cook them like you would an ordinary potato. Turn them into sweet potato fries, cooking them in olive oil or other healthier oils.

This will definitely turn sweet potatoes tastier than lots of people gave them credit for.

Cheese crackers, but only if it is homemade

Knowing what is contained within a portion of food is one of the many perks that you will get from cooking your own food.

Cheese crackers is a good option for children with coeliac disease, but if you give them a store-bought cheese cracker, chances are the crackers have already come in contact with a gluten source.

To mitigate this, make your own cheese crackers. Get a gluten free flour, a cheddar cheese (one that is free of gluten), sea salt (if you can), and butter.

Mix them together to create dough for the crackers and you can just bake them. Tasty and is surely one of the gluten free foods for kids that are cheap.

Homemade popcorns. Children love popcorns.

If your child does not enjoy popcorn, then he or she is out of the ordinary. A whole lot of children enjoy eating these popped corns, and they are not wrong to indulge themselves in it.

Popcorns are gluten-free, and if you want to feed your children popcorn, you can do so without having to be a worry wart.

There is a giant ‘but’ here, though. While popcorns are not dangerous for coeliac disease, the vendor-sold ones are still dangerous for the children’s overall health.

They often contain a lot of salt or artificial flavouring, all dangerous for the body.

Instead of buying a vendor-sold popcorn, pop one of your own. Making popcorns are not hard; you just need to buy popcorn-ready corn and throw them in a pan.

For flavour, take a slab of butter and dump it there.

For more flavour, grate a block of cheese on top of it and you will have a cheesy popcorn. One of the best gluten-free foods for kids that are not hard to make thanks to how simple it is.

Sure the three items we listed above are not big meals whatsoever, but you can still use this list to help you determine what kind of food items your children will love.

Not only all of the foods listed above are tasty, they are also healthier than your standard store-bought gluten free foods for kids.

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