Gluten Free Food for Dogs

Dogs are not exactly creature that is susceptible to coeliac disease, but some dogs are still susceptible to it, hence why people ask about the availability of gluten free food for dogs. Are there really dog foods that are gluten-free?

Turns out there is. Meat is one of them

Because meat is not – in any sort way – wheat, then it is gluten-free. Dogs, like a majority of humankind, love to eat meats. Because of that, it is only natural for one to give one’s dog a piece of meat to snack on.

Meat does not contain gluten in it, so if you want to feed your coeliac dog a piece of meat, then feel free to do just that.

To make it even better, get meats that are not ‘normal’. Normally, we eat meat that comes from chickens, cows, or lambs. These are considered normal meats, and these normal meats are the ones that are in a high chance of getting exposed to gluten.

Opt for venison, bison meat, or even boar meat if you got access to one or more of them because they are considered more ‘natural’. You have never heard of a farmer whose main livestock are wild boars, right? Odd, but abnormal meat are often contained within a can of gluten free food for dogs that are rated highly.

Some Carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes and corns

Carb-filled foods should generally be avoided when it comes to coeliac disease, but there are several carbohydrate sources that are safe to consume if you got the annoying disease. Those sources are sweet potatoes and corns.

Both of them contains a sort of gluten, but the gluten contained within those two are safe to consume and will not bother people with coeliac disease at all.

Because they do not bother people with coeliac disease, why should they bother dogs with coeliac disease? They are healthy and fibrous, too, which certainly adds to the list of gluten free food for dogs that you should get.

Fishes are good, but NOT seafood

Normally, dogs are not supposed to eat seafood because seafood might contain a lot of harmful toxic substance for your dogs. Fishes are mostly fine to eat for dogs, however, so if you want to turn your dog into a pescatarian, you can (mostly) do that.

Fishes are filled with helpful substances that can help your dog grow big and strong. Because fishes are in no way close to all kinds of grain (unless someone is being naughty with their fish and grain stock), fishes are naturally gluten-free.

This means you can feed your coeliac dog a fish and they will not be in a risk of having further complications.

Yet there are several things you must consider before feeding fishes to your dog. Generally, cooked fish is fine, but never ever feed your dog a raw fish. Dogs can definitely eat raw fish, so the problem is not with their digestion.

The problem is when that piece of raw fish is got a tapeworm infestation. Tapeworms are harmful to humans, dogs, and basically a whole lot of living beings out there.

Raw fish is a gluten free food for dogs, but you might want to hold the thought of feeding it to your dog without making sure they are safe.

A Word From Verywell

Awareness of celiac disease is improving dramatically as more people speculate that gluten could be at the root of their health problems. Eating gluten-free has gotten easier as more food manufacturers produce products that are safe to eat.

If you care about awareness about Celiac Disease, see this ultimate guide (reviewed by a certified doctor):

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