Gluten Free Diet Weight Loss Meal Plan

Do you ever think to make gluten free diet weight loss meal plan? The popularity of the gluten-free diet is increasing after influential Hollywood figures like Ryan Gosling and Oprah Winfrey try this diet. Gwyneth Paltrow even promotes gluten-free cooking techniques or gluten-free foods in her recipe book, All Is Good. In the midst of a gluten-free diet, organic food manufacturers have embedded the ‘gluten-free’ label on food packaging, giving the impression that gluten-free foods are healthier. Even though it’s not always like that. Before you follow this diet trend, get to know more about gluten and the benefits and risks of adopting a gluten-free diet. Then, let’s learn more about everything related to the gluten-free diet!

Why is a gluten-free diet?

A gluten-free diet exactly is a diet that avoids gluten protein. Gluten is a sticky and elastic (glue) binding protein found in wheat endosperm (wheat core tissue). This component contributes to the softness or chewiness of foods made from grains such as bread.

Gluten is not entirely bad for health. “It’s just that if consumed by people with celiac disease will cause inflammation of the small intestine,” nutritionist Emilia explained. This reaction damages intestinal tissue and prevents the process of absorption of important nutrients needed by the body. Celiac disease is a health condition where the patient cannot tolerate the gluten component in wheat. A similar condition is also found in patients with wheat intolerant or wheat allergy.

Before taking a gluten-free diet, you should take a test at your doctor to check if you have a gluten allergy.

Meal plan for a gluten-free diet to lose weight

Before knowing the foods for a gluten-free diet, you should know some food to avoid. Here are 4 food ingredients that must be avoided (photos of ingredients and/or food) for patients who are allergic to wheat, the following food ingredients are always avoided:

  • Wheat

  • Rye (rye)

  • Barley (barley)

  • Triticale (a mixture of wheat and rye)

What is an obstacle is that these basic foods have become commonplace in the community? Not only flour products such as bread, sweet desserts, snacks, and pasta but also beer, malt, cereal and soy sauce.

The solution provided by a gluten-free diet is to choose simple carbohydrate ingredients that are naturally free of gluten proteins such as rice, potatoes, and corn. Likewise with fresh meat and seafood, eggs, vegetables and fruits, even fresh milk.

Contrary to popular belief, indirect gluten-free means free of lactose or allergic components of lactose sugar in animal milk. So you can still consume animal and vegetable milk. However, it should be noted that only fresh milk without added flavor is allowed. Flavored milk such as mocha, chocolate, or matcha has been added as additives for flavoring which can be gluten products. For example chocolate milk with the addition of malt (made from barley). This additive content can react with patients with celiac disease or wheat allergy so it is dangerous and needs to be avoided.

So, are you ready to make a gluten free diet weight loss meal plan?

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