Gluten Free Decaf Coffee

Decaf Coffee, an Alternative of Gluten Free Decaf Coffee That Is Said to Be Healthier

In general, coffee does not contain gluten so it will not trigger the effects of celiac disease, but it should be noted and aware that some coffee substitutes or coffee packaged in certain environments may contain gluten. People who experience celiac disease must be sensitive to gluten, one solution is gluten free decaf coffee with regard to the condition of his body. People with this disease can of course irritate the intestinal lining, causing uncomfortable symptoms to nausea and diarrhea. He must consume foods and drinks that are gluten-free, including when he is addicted to coffee.

Coffee became one of the favorite drinks to start the day to be more energized. However, for various reasons, coffee must be limited because of certain health problems. Suspected because the caffeine content in coffee does not only bring benefits but also can cause certain side effects, not to mention the gluten content. Many opinions said gluten free decaf coffee, decaf coffee or decaf coffee is touted as a healthier alternative. Decaf coffee is another designation for decaf coffee. But actually decaf coffee is not caffeine-free at all, it still contains but not as much in coffee in general. Decaf coffee is coffee that is around 97 percent caffeine removed.

Can Gluten Free Decaf Coffee be an Alternative to Reducing Caffeine?

Caffeine does contain various benefits such as improving mood, increasing metabolism, adding energy. On the other hand, excessive consumption of caffeine can cause various health problems such as insomnia, causing anxiety, increasing heart rate, digestive problems, to give a bad effect on fertility. Not to mention if you have a history of celiac disease that must be sensitive to products containing gluten.

Well, if you are sensitive to caffeine or want to reduce it for certain health reasons, make gluten free decaf coffee can be an option. This is because the caffeine content in it is much lower compared to regular coffee. However, you need to know that both regular coffee and decaf coffee both contain almost equal health benefits. The reason, both decaffeinated coffee and regular coffee both contain antioxidants that are useful to ward off free radicals.

Make your own gluten free decaf coffee at home

Types of gluten free decaf coffee are already widely sold in the market, but you can make it yourself at home. However, actually making decaf coffee is not as simple as it seems. Here are three simple ways to make your own decaf coffee at home:

Soak coffee beans

The first thing to do to make gluten free decaf coffee is to soak the coffee beans. You can soak it in water or by using a solution of ethyl acetate or methylene chloride. Soaked coffee beans are still green and fresh, not roasted beans.

Roasted coffee beans

The next process that can be done is roasting coffee beans. You can bake it in the oven by putting the coffee beans soaked in a metal baking pan. Spread the coffee beans in it and make sure no beans are piled up. Roast coffee beans for about 10 to 15 minutes with temperatures around 230 degrees Celsius. After that, lift and chill.

Grind coffee beans and brew

Prepare a coffee grinder and start to grind the roasted coffee beans. After everything is ground perfectly, then brew coffee with hot water. Try to pour boiling water with temperatures around 90-90.6 degrees Celsius. So that gluten free decaf coffee tastes better, mix 10 grams of coffee into 180 ml of water into your favorite cup.

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