Various Delicious Dessert with Gluten Free Bread Crumbs Recipe

Do you like to consume bread? Do you also often keep a lot of bread stock at home? If so, of course, you may not eat bread every day and the bread will expire if you don’t eat it immediately. So to avoid wasting bread for nothing, you can turn it into bread crumbs. Then for what? You can imitate various foods or dessert from a gluten-free bread crumbs recipe. Wow, it will be very healthy. Check it out!

Children’s favorite cake pops

Many parents forbid their child to eat too many lollipops because they are worried about the health effects. To work around this, just make a lollipop from bread crumbs that won’t make a child cough.

Known as cake pops, this unique snack is made from crushed bread which is made of the best gluten-free bread flour. Then it is shaped into a round shape with a mixture of sweetened condensed milk. Before serving, cool the cake pops then decorate with melted white chocolate or colorful candies.

Combine with soft pudding

Lately, pudding combined with biscuits or bread is indeed a hit and many fans of sweet snacks are being hunted. You don’t need to bother buying them at high prices, you can also make soft biscuit pudding with ingredients at home.

The combination of soft and luscious pudding with bread crumbs makes the pudding taste even more unique. To make the flavor even stronger, serve the biscuit pudding with sweet chocolate or vanilla sauce.

Bread crumbs as a topping for ice cream or yogurt

Chocolate candy toppings for ice cream or yogurt may be common. But if you want to serve ice cream or yogurt with richer texture, you can, you know, use the leftover biscuit or bread crumbs.

The trick, bake the biscuits until the texture hardens again, then crush them using a meat grinder or food processor. Serve as a dessert topping and store the remaining bread crumbs in an airtight container. This gluten-free bread crumbs recipe is the favorite one.

Ice cream sandwich that is both soft and crunchy

The contemporary ice cream sandwich is indeed very delicious to eat in the middle of the hot weather of the country. Combining soft ice cream and two biscuits, the crispy and soft taste in one bite of the ice cream sandwich is guaranteed to instantly refresh a dry throat.

Behind the delicious taste, ice cream sandwiches can be made with simple ingredients. Simply place a scoop of your favorite ice cream between two biscuits and then freeze them in the freezer. To make it look even more attractive, add various toppings around the ice cream such as melted chocolate, or marshmallows.

Use as a base for the cheesecake

Cheesecake is known as a dessert with a texture that is so soft and creamy when eaten. However, there are also many cheesecake variants that are combined with biscuit crumbs at the base of the cake to add texture and flavor.

Apart from producing a crunchy texture, biscuit crumbs are also useful so that the cheesecake is sturdier and doesn’t crumble easily when served. The trick, crush the rest of the bread until the texture is smoother then mix it with melted butter, then press it to the bottom of the cheesecake mold. Good luck!

Those are some delicious gluten free bread crumbs recipe.

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