Gluten Free Banana Bread Packet Mix

If you wonder, what kind of food that is perfect for your breakfast, you always can count on banana bread. It is easy to make and it is also very delicious.

It can make your mouth water, even when you just think about it. If you prefer gluten free food, you can make banana breads that are gluten free.

If you don’t want to make gluten free banana bread from the scratch, you can make it with the packet mix.

You can follow below recipe to make your own delicious gluten free banana bread packet mix.


  • 400g banana bread packet mix
  • 3 medium eggs
  • 70ml cup of water
  • ½ cup  vegetable oil
  • 200gr brown sugar, packed
  • 2 cups mashed banana
  • ¼ teaspoons baking soda
  • ½ teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 cup chop walnuts
  • 1 tablespoon sparkle white sugar


  • The first thing that you need to do is preheating the oven to 350° F. After that slightly grease your pan. It should be your 9” x 5” loaf pan.
  • Next, in order to successfully bake your gluten free banana bread packet mix, you need to stir together the vegetable oil and sugar. You can stir it in a large bowl.
  • After that, add the eggs, and mix it together until it well combined.
  • And then, add the mashed bananas, the packet mix, cinnamon, and also baking soda all at once to the bowl, and then mix it till all of them are well blended.
  • Next, stir in the walnuts.
  • Spoon the batter into the pan that you have already prepared. Don’t forget to sprinkle the white sparkling sugar, so your gluten free banana bread become more delicious.
  • Let the batter rest for about 10 minutes.
  • After that, put the batter into oven. Bake it for 45 minutes. You can lay a piece of aluminium foil across the top, so it won’t over browning. You need to lay the aluminium foil as gentle as you can.
  • You need to bake the bread until the top springs and the tooth pick inserted to the centre of the bread comes out clean.
  • Let the gluten free banana bread to cool for 10 minutes in the pan. After that, you need to move it to the rack to cool completely.
  • Lastly, slice the bread as you desired and eat it.

All in all, you can make a delicious gluten free banana bread with packet mix. It is easy to make and you can create a lot of variations of banana bread using the packet mix.

Not only gluten free banana bread, but you can also make a delicious toasted French bread. Let’s buy your favourite gluten free banana bread packet mix and then create your master piece.

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