Gluten Free Banana Bread Mix Woolworths

The Excellence, Ingredients, and Nutritional Information of Gluten Free Banana Bread Mix Woolworths

If you’re in the mood for a delicious dessert, Woolworths is the place to be, the largest supermarket chain in the Aussie. yeah, you can get the most delicious gluten-free banana bread mix Woolworths. What’s this banana bread mix from Austin supermarket like? Immediately, see the explanation below!

About Woolworths product of banana bread mix

Bread is one of the ingredients that cannot be separated from human life. There is always a form of bread that humans use to meet their needs. But, sometimes some people feel uncomfortable after eating bread. most people are intolerant of gluten which is usually found in bread or starch. Generally, experience digestive disorders such as flatulence.

However, gluten is likely not a cause for discomfort for people who eat bread. However, if the person has an allergy called celiac, the small intestine becomes inflamed when it comes to gluten and it can cause serious health conditions. They must completely reduce their consumption of bread and gluten.

Take it easy, if you are allergic to gluten, and still want to consume breads that are gluten free freely, especially banana bread, Woolworths can provide the best solution.

Well, Woolworths knows very well that it can be tough going through the day if you have a food allergy especially food containing gluten. So, Woolworths creates various delicious ranges that are free from all those alternatives, then you do not need to really compromise anymore.

  • Lactose-free
  • Soy-free
  • Dairy-free
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives

Well, this gluten-free banana bread mix Woolworths is perfectly quick, handy, light, tasty, and fluffy. Is it difficult to make it? No, it is very easy and simple to make it and of course, it gives reliable results. To make it much more delicious and nicer, you may add or give grated apple. Once, you try this gluten-free banana bread mix, you will be addicted and feel the benefits.

The ingredients of banana bread mix Woolworths

This banana bread mix free from gluten uses good ingredients. What are they? They are:

Flour of rice, sugar, sugar of dark brown, the starch of potato, the starch of tapioca, the starch of maize, raising agents (500, 450), sea salt, flavor of natural banana, thickener (Gum of Xanthan), Emulsifier (471), cinnamon, and color (sugar caramelized).

Information on nutrition

In each serving, this banana bread mix contains:

Energy (for 971kj), protein(for 2,1 gram), fat total(

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