Freeze Dried Gluten Free Foods

Many people are getting more concerned about their health so that they start to live a healthier lifestyle. Various diets are also getting popular, one of them is a gluten-free diet. This diet is claimed to be able to give a lot of benefits for the health of the body. For you who want to try this gluten-free diet, you cannot carelessly process and cook gluten-free foods, especially freeze dried gluten free foods. Follow these tips below to cook dried gluten-free foods.

Know the Kinds of Gluten-Free Foods

Before you decide on trying a gluten-free diet, you surely have to know the kinds of gluten-free foods first. Some foods which contain gluten are bread, pasta, cereals, and other foods which are made from flour and oats. You do not have to be worried because oats and flours can be replaced with gluten-free flours that you can get easily in the market. Gluten-free flours are usually made from nuts, corns, and rice. Moreover, vegetables and some kinds of fruits are also free from gluten. You also have to know that not all gluten-free foods can be dried or frozen.

Choose Gluten-Free Flavor Enhancer

Who says that gluten-free foods are plain and not delicious? By using the right spices, you will be able to make delicious gluten-free cooking. Find alternatives of spices which are free from gluten. For example, you are able to replace butter for sauteing with olive oil, coconut oil, or shortening. You are also able to add salty, sour, and sweet tastes to your freeze dried gluten free foods by using flavoring ingredients such as cheeses, brown sugar, maple syrup, sour cream, or yogurt. These alternatives of flavoring ingredients are not only healthier but also more friendly for those who are allergic or intolerant to gluten.

Read the Nutrient Content in the Food Package

Even though some foods are already labeled as gluten-free on the package, there is nothing wrong to check it again on the label of nutrient content before you buying gluten-free foods or gluten-free food ingredients. Usually, foods which are really free from gluten have GFCO logo or Gluten Free Certification Organization on the package. Moreover, you also should check other food ingredients and flavorings contained in the gluten-free foods. If you doubt the ingredients of the gluten-free foods you are going to buy, you can ask the staff or shopkeeper.

Separately Store Gluten-Free Foods from Other Foods

Just a little bit of contamination is able to damage all of the contents contained in gluten-free foods. So, it will be better if you separately store gluten-free foods and other foods in different storages. You are suggested not to store those 2 different foods closely. The further you store them away, the lower the risk of the gluten-free foods to get damaged.

Use Clean Cooking Tools

People who are suffered from celiac disease have a high sensitivity to food ingredients that contain flour protein. So that just a little gluten can damage their health. Make sure you use clean cooking tools.

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