Food For Life Gluten Free Bread: Which Should Be Getting?

Food for Life is a company that produces food items made out of grains, and for those hankering to know what kind of Food for Life gluten free bread that they should buy, they can read this article to find out the best of the bread. We want to list several pieces of bread that we think come recommended from Food For Life.

These bread will fulfil the hopes and wishes of people of many taste buds, meaning if you have not found the correct article that can tell you about your favourite type of bread, we hope that this article can be that article.

So without further ado, let us start talking about the many types of bread that we can recommend out of Food for Life bread catalogue.

#First, The Gluten Free Brown Rice Bread

Starting up the list is FFL’s very own gluten free brown rice bread. Made out of brown rice and chia seeds, this is the bread that you should be going for if you are looking for a gluten free bread out of FFL’s catalogue.

As you might have noticed from the ingredients, this type of bread is very much free of gluten and other things that might be dangerous for people who are very sensitive to gluten. It is also non-GMO, meaning it will be safe for you to consume if you are one of those kids who dislike eating genetically modified foods.

With a serving size of 43gram per slice, you will have somewhere about 110 calories by eating one slice of this bread. 110 calories are definitely low, so there is no worry about getting fat from eating too much of this bread (provided you spread the eating between sessions, of course. You will get fat if you eat this bread again and again in one single sitting).

#Gluten Free Raisin Pecan Bread

If you think raisin pecan bread is one of Satan’s greatest inventions, then you would not like this one as it contains raisins. If you are fine with eating raisins, however, this is the bread that you want to go if you need to have something sweet in your tummy. Made out of brown rice, chia seeds, and flax seed, this is a gluten free bread that will leave your tongue wanting for more when you are done with one.

Before you can ask where the heck is the pecan part of the bread, the pecan is located within the bread. The dough contains pecan meal, which means the pecan has already been grinded to dust and then added to the dough. There is no popping pecan here, so if you want to feel the crunch of pecan when you eat this bread, you will be disappointed.

#Gluten Free Exotic Black Rice

If you want something that looks a bit unique compared to your usual bread, then perhaps this one can fill you in on that. While the other two pieces of bread might look like your ordinary bread, this one comes in a touch of brown, hence the Exotic Black Rice Bread part. Obviously, it contains black rice, chia seeds, and brown rice.

This is a bread that you should eat if fibre is what you are dying for. It is perfect if you want it both sweet and salty, which only reinforces the fact that it is a highly adaptable Food For Life gluten free bread.

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