Dessert That Are Gluten Free And Suitable For Lactose Intolerance

Are you trying a new diet style by eliminating gluten and dairy? Or you have to find or make something for your loved ones whose diet should exclude gluten and dairy elements? Don’ t panic, though gluten and dairy are the most common components used in making tasty desserts, but some ingredients can substitute them. As we know, people who have gluten sensitivity, celiac disease and lactose intolerant must be careful in choosing what to put in their stomach. Gluten and dairy free desserts are easy to make so you don’t have to try to find the finished product in stores, you can just make it at home.

Using gluten-free flours

Gluten can be found in some grains like wheat, rye and barley in which most of desserts are made from. To make gluten-free desserts, first we need to choose gluten free substitutes for the flours. Almond and coconut flours can make a healthier alternatives for gluten-free desserts. While rice and tapioca flours can be used, but nut flours are lower in glycemic that they will not causing blood sugar spike. Blanched almond flour is better to be used since an unbleached one can cause a bad aftertaste especially in baked goods. One suggestion for when you use the coconut flour, because of its density, for each tablespoon it is better to add one egg .

Substitutes for milk

To make gluten and dairy free desserts you must eliminate the milk or dairy element in them. Almond and rice milk are common substitutes for dairy milk. In baking, almond milk will make a better result compared with rice milk. Rice milk has a very little amount of fat that will make the dessert become too dry and the taste is less rich. How much substitute milk should be used? If your recipe contains dairy milk, use the same amount of almond or rice milk as the dairy.

Substitutes for cream and butter

To replace butter, pureed prunes, applesauce and avocado can be used. Coconut cream which is thicker than coconut milk is the one to substitute cream. Heavy coconut cream and a little bit of lemon juice is there in a place for cream cheese. Those substituted ingredients can be put in the same amount in the recipe.

Gluten and dairy free desserts

One of people’s favorite desserts is ice cream. But how to make a gluten and dairy free ice cream. One of the recipes is to mix frozen and peeled banana with almond butter and also cacao powder in a blender, you can also use a food processor. You can serve the mix immediately or freeze it for later. to make it even more delicious you can add various types of toppings to your liking.

Gluten and dairy free desserts are simple and easy to make, if you have the recipe just replace the gluten and dairy components with the substitute ingredients in the same amount. That way you don’t need to find the special recipes that are made for gluten and dairy free desserts only. Explore and be creative to make a wide variety of desserts that contain no gluten and dairy.

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