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It seems difficult to find gluten-free bread in the past. Nowadays, it is much easier and even you can find cheap gluten free bread in your living area. Here, we want to share the list of cheap gluten free bread you can buy. Just find one of the brands in the local stores and you can cook something delicious with that gluten-free bread.

1# Three Bakers Gluten Free Bread

The three baker is one of the popular gluten-free bread because of some reasons. Let say, some people love this bread because the slices can be separated easily. Moreover, the texture is also nice and soft along with delicious taste. The problem is that people think that the size of the slice is too small. This gluten-free bread can be used for a variety of foods such as sandwich and good enough for all ages including children. The price is less than $7 per loaf and you easily find it such as in the local grocery stores, local natural food stores, gluten-free mall online, and many others.

2# Canyon Bakehouse

You can also buy Canyon Bakehouse for high-quality gluten-free bread. As a cheap gluten free bread, you get more than what you are expected. The best part of this bread is on its soft texture and the size of the slice. The price is started from $5 to $9 and it depends on the location. Interestingly, you can buy the bread whether in fresh or frozen. This gluten-free bread is available on the official website, local natural foods stores, and many others. It might be a little bit hard to find but you can buy the bread from the official website or reputable online stores.

3# Glutino

If you need another option, you can purchase Glutino gluten-free bread. The special part of this bread is the taste and you can use it to create a delicious sandwich. It seems a little bit hard to find this brand although you can still find it in the local natural foods store. The texture is also soft and toast and the size of the slice is small compared to the others. Unlike Canyon Bakehouse, Glutino is only offering frozen gluten-free bread. The price is a little bit cheaper than the others in which you just need to spend $6.29 to bring this gluten-free bread home.

4# Franz Gluten Free Bread

For those who love to purchase something online including bread, you can choose Franz. This Franz gluten-free bread is offered online through its official website. People love to eat this bread because the texture is soft and even smell good. Probably, the manufacturer needs to consider the size of the slices. It seems that the slices are too small. Furthermore, it is a good option for those who only want to consume fresh gluten-free bread because they don’t offer the frozen one. Indeed, it is easier to find this bread online instead of on the local stores. Franz is also a cheap gluten free bread although it is the most expensive of all references here. A loaf of Franz gluten-free bread costs $7.58.

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