Best Vitamin For Celiac Disease

The celiac disease made you unable to consume any food that has gluten in it. Fortunately, you can easily find gluten-free food these days. However, to keep you healthy, you also need to plan your menu. One of the most important things is getting enough vitamins. So, here we have the best vitamin for celiac disease you must have enough daily intake of them.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is very useful for protection against infection. Unfortunately, most people with celiac disease have a low intake of Vitamin B6. Most of this vitamin source indeed has gluten in it. But, you still need to get this vitamin to ensure your body will recover from infections. So, how can we get it?

The easy source of Vitamin B6 is chickpeas or garbanzo beans. Consume a cup of this bean, and you get the half daily need of this vitamin. You can mix this bean in your salads to make it easy to eat. Other sources you also can use are tuna, salmon, chicken breast, or turkey. If you like fruit, try a banana. One medium banana gives you around 20 percent of your daily need for Vitamin B6.

Vitamin D

This vitamin is also known as the sunshine vitamin. When your skin gets the morning sunlight exposure, it will automatically produce Vitamin D. However, you can’t only rely on the sunshine to get enough Vitamin D. You also need to get it from food. Unfortunately, most of the Vitamin D-rich food has high gluten. So, it will be a little bit difficult to get.

The best food you can try is yogurt. The yogurt that is fortified with Vitamin D gives you enough of this vitamin. Of course, choose the gluten-free yogurt. You also can get this vitamin from orange juice. Some brands have fortified its product with Vitamin D. Find one that is also gluten-free.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is good for maintaining your nerve and blood cells. If you lack this vitamin, you will feel tired and fatigued a lot. Mostly, people get it from the cereal. Many breakfast cereal products are fortified with Vitamin B12. Eating it will give you most of your daily need for this vitamin. However, if you have celiac disease, you can’t eat this food, right?

The best solution is eating the other sources of Vitamin B12. You can try salmon or trout, beef, or a cup of milk. If you buy the packaged product, make sure you choose gluten-free. As for salmon or trout, eating 4 ounces of it for meals will give you 100 percent of your daily intake. As for beef, 6 ounces of it, give you around half of the recommended daily intake.


Those are three important vitamins you must get. It may feel difficult to get enough intake of Vitamin with your condition. However, with the tips we have above, we hope you can get enough intake of the best vitamin for celiac disease that you need.

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