Best Gluten Free Cake Flour

Best gluten free cake flour should be chosen carefully if people really want to make sure that they are able to enjoy the tasty cake without any gluten content at all. Nevertheless, people should make sure that they know the source of gluten.

This type of protein can be found in wheat, barley, and also rye. It means that people should avoid the products which are made from refined, wheat, or unbleached flour.

It is almost impossible to bake a cake without flour but there are other flour options which are free from gluten and can be used.

Almond Flour or Almond Meal

For making the almond meal, the sweet almond will be ground into a powder with a coarse texture. Blanched almonds or skinless almonds are used for making the almond meal sometimes.

A pretty similar process can be found for making the almond flour after all. However, the almond flour has the finer texture because it uses the blanched almonds only.

It seems that the almond flour or meal use is getting more and more popular among people because there are more almond products offered in the market including the almond milk.

The almond flour or meal does not only free from gluten because it is also high in fiber and low in carbohydrates.

It means that this product will be great for people who have to avoid diet with a high carbohydrate such as diabetic diet.

Coconut Flour

The next best gluten free cake flour which will have increasing popularity must be the coconut flour because the coconut products can be found easily recently. The coconut meat is dried and ground for making the coconut flour.

The coconut flour comes with high protein as well as healthy fat content. At the same time, this type of flour is also low in glycemic index and carbohydrates.

People who have diabetes, nut allergy, or wheat allergy will find the coconut flour as the perfect flour replacement when baking or cooking.

Although it can make the softer product result, the taste of coconut can still be found from the cake.

Oat Flour

The oat flour can be considered as the most popular gluten-free flour. It is true that oat is free from gluten but when the flour is blended, it is possible that the cross-contamination could happen.

That is why people who have celiac disease must be very careful when they want to use the oat flour for baking a cake. The great thing is that people do not have to buy the oat flour because they can make it at home easily.

All they have to do is just putting the oats in the food processor until they can get the expected texture. Unlike the coconut flour, the taste of the oat is very mild. People can also enjoy the great nutrition content in oats along with high fiber within for decreasing the heart disease risk.

People can also consider the brown rice flour and the sorghum flour as the best gluten free cake flour.

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