Banana Bread Gluten Free Vegan


Being a vegan already becomes a lifestyle. Some people are starting to be vegan for health reasons. Nowadays, people start to be aware of their health. They change their lifestyle to become vegan which is healthy.

Besides being a vegan, they also learn to eat gluten-free food. Some of them try a recipe for gluten-free bread flour. As banana bread is famous nowadays, vegans also can enjoy eating this and make it by themselves. They can bake banana bread gluten free vegan.

What is Banana Bread Gluten-Free for Vegans?

People are familiar with vegetarian and vegan. They may be thought that they are similar. But, they are a bit different. A vegetarian is a person who stops eating meat but they still can eat eggs and dairy products.

A vegan is a person who stops eating not only meat but all animal products such as eggs and dairy products. How if a vegan wants to eat bread and cake? For example, if they want to eat banana bread.

They can make a banana bread gluten-free vegan. The difference between common banana bread gluten-free is that they do not use eggs and dairy products as the ingredients. Of course, it will not be as developed as the bread that uses eggs and dairy products.

The taste can be as delicious as the usual banana bread. As this is gluten-free and also vegan, it will be more healthy food.

Is It Good to Have Banana Bread Gluten-Free Vegan?

As a vegan, it does not mean that you can not eat delicious foods. Some restaurants already provide a menu for vegans. It is not a mistake if you want to enjoy banana bread although you are a vegan.

You can eat banana bread gluten-free vegan. It is also delicious although it is gluten-free for a vegan. Being vegan is a good choice. It is a healthy lifestyle. Before you decide to be a vegan, you need to consider the impact of being a vegan.

You should know that besides the good impact on your health, being a vegan also has a bad impact. As a vegan, you will lack B12 vitamin because B12 vitamin is needed for our body.

You can get this vitamin from fishes, meat, eggs, and dairy products. It can be your consideration before you start being a vegan.

Being healthy is a must. We can start by having a healthy diet. Being a vegan is not a bad decision for health reasons. You may not eat like other people but you can still eat a delicious banana bread gluten-free vegan.

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