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Considering that there are a great deal of inquiries “Are Rice Krispies Gluten Free” in the future, I would certainly publish a fast note right here concerning what Kellogg’s needs to claim about it.

Rice Krispies are, as a matter of fact, NOT gluten free. Yes, the cereal is made from rice, which is normally gluten-free, yet due to the malt flavor utilized in the dish, the cereal itself is not gluten-free.

Malt flavor is made from barley as well as barley is an entire grain that is carefully pertaining to wheat, consequently it has gluten as well as ought to be prevented if you have celiac disease or are adhering to a gluten free diet plan.

As Kellogg’s revealed itself that they was actually making a line of Rice Krispies that was gluten-free. Due to bad sales and also producing problems, they ceased it.

The good information is that Kellogg’s provided numerous various other brand names of crispy rice cereal that are gluten free. You can attempt among the gluten free foods listed below.

  • #Kellogg’s Special K Breakfast Shakes
  • #Kellogg’s Special K Protein Shakes
  • #Kellogg’s Eggo Waffles – Original and Cinnamon varieties
  • #Kellogg’s Fruit Flavored Snacks
  • #Kellogg’s Special K Gluten Free Cereal – Touch of Brown Sugar
  • #Kellogg’s To Go Breakfast Shakes

As does Barbara’s and also Erewhon, Nature’s Path makes gluten free crispy rice cereal. You can find it at Whole Foods as well as in the healthy foods aisle of lots of various other supermarket.

The secret is to seek a crisped rice cereal that isn’t made with malt flavor as well as isn’t made in a center that refines wheat.

You might see both gluten gluten free and non-gluten free labeled product packaging on shop racks. Please examine as well as make certain the plan is classified Gluten Free prior to buying.

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