Are Flavored Coffee Syrups Gluten-Free? An Ultimate Guide

If you think that flavored coffee syrups are gluten free, just think again. There are some important factors you should put into consideration before deciding on.

Assuming that plain coffee hasn’t been cross-contaminated by gluten, it should be gluten-free, at least at a very low level. However, some people show gastrointestinal symptoms from the flavored coffee they consume. These symptoms are often found in people with celiac disease.

So, are flavored coffee syrups gluten-free?

Coffee and Gluten – How They are Connected

Most of the time, ground coffee or coffee beans are available pre-flavored in the market. Flavored syrups are often added to sweeten the coffee and make it taste better. As for flavored coffee syrups themselves, they are also often labeled “gluten-free”. But, is that the end of the story? Nope. You need to know that flavored coffee syrups are usually made of a blend of various natural flavors, indicating that the product contains gluten.

This is because “natural flavors” are names usually used to hide gluten ingredients contained in a product, especially the ones with barley-based flavorings. But, in this context, there is nothing we should be worried about these “natural flavors’ ‘ since they are rarely used in coffee. However, you need to keep in mind that many coffee flavorings you find in the market now are alcohol based which is usually derived from alcohol grains, including gluten grains.

Some studies show that a distillation process can help to remove the gluten protein found in alcohol. In this way, alcohol, even the one derived from gluten grains is considered gluten-free. But, you need to keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that the coffee flavoring syrups are entirely gluten-free since the manufacturing process also plays a critical role.

Cross-contamination as the results of the manufacturing process often leaves a trace amount of gluten. If the residual gluten left is under 20ppm then the flavored coffee syrups will be labeled “gluten-free”.

Gluten-Free Flavored Coffee Syrups – Best Products to Choose

There are many products of flavored coffee syrups you can easily find in stores. But, many of them contain gluten ingredients.

Here is the list of gluten-free flavored coffee syrups you can buy.

Torani Variety Pack

Torani is one of the most famous companies of flavored coffee syrups. It comes with a wide range of flavor options that you can choose from. From fruity and bright to nutty and warm, you can find them all in this Torani Variety Pack.

The flavored coffee syrups of Torani also come in various sizes and packages to meet your needs. Each pack consists of four bottles weighing 25.4 ounces. Each bottle has different flavors, they are French vanilla, classic hazelnut, vanilla, and classic caramel.

One of the best things about the packages is that they can be enjoyed separately or mixed. In this way, you can customize how much syrups or mixed flavors they want to experience.

Monin Organic Vanilla Syrups

Monin is another popular brand in the flavored coffee syrup industry. Their syrup bottles are even labeled PBA-free bottles and made of green packaging, making them eco-friendly.

The organic vanilla flavor syrups of Monin are not only gluten-free but also come with no artificial flavors as well.

These Monin Organic Vanilla Syrups don’t contain gelatin as well. In this way, the syrups are also considered vegan-friendly. Being made of the popular Madagascar vanilla beans, this product is non-GMO. The syrups also contain organic cane sugar and come with tasty subtle caramel tones.

Jordan’s Skinny Syrups Caramel Collection Syrup Trio

If you love caramel taste in your coffee, consider buying this Jordan’s Skinny Syrups Caramel Collection Syrup Trio. The syrup is also an ideal option to take if you don’t want to buy products packed in larger bottles. Jordan’s Skinny Syrups come with 3 different great caramel flavors that will make your coffee taste even better.

They are vanilla caramel creme, caramel pecan, and salted caramel. Sounds too much for all-caramel flavors? It is not. The syrups come in smaller quantities to make sure that you will not be intimidated by their presence.

What makes Jordan’s Skinny Syrups popular among those who are following a gluten-free diet is that they do not only zero gluten but also zero calories. Not only that but the syrups have zero carbs and zero sugar, making them a great option to take if you want to enjoy sweet coffee while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

D’arbo Syrup Single Bottle Elderflower

Most people agree that elderflowers have a nice flavor that is a bit hard to describe. Sweeter than lavender, elderflower is known to be a bit musky and clean. Not only great for floral lattes but adding elderflower lemonade syrup to your coffee is also a nice way to create a refreshing flavor.

The flavored coffee syrups of D’arbo are made of cane sugar and claim that 50% of the content of their bottles is genuinely made of fruits. Additionally, there are no preservative ingredients added to the syrups.

Uporia Syrup Duo

This is another gluten-free flavored coffee syrup to put under the radar. Uporia Syrup Duo doesn’t have gelatin in its ingredient list, making it perfect for those who are following a vegan lifestyle.

The syrup product is packed in generous 25.4-ounce bottles and available in two different great flavors, French vanilla, and caramel. The package of Uporia Syrup Duo is also completed with a pump for easy-use purposes and make sure that you get a precise measurement of syrup added to your coffee.

Bottom Line

Even if you are following a strict gluten-free diet or having gluten intolerance, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a glass of flavored coffee syrup or two. The key is just paying attention to the “gluten-free” label of the flavored coffee syrups.

Bear in mind that a certain factor such as cross-contamination can lead the coffee to contain gluten ingredients. Taking a precaution will be a great way to avoid unexpected reactions from your body because of the gluten contained in the coffee.

Consider switching the brand of your current flavored coffee syrup if it causes you to experience gluten allergy or symptoms as shown in people with celiac disease.

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